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The Virus DOES Exist but....

There is no reason for it not to exist, it is the purpose of such labs as in Wuhan, to develop such viruses.

It does not mean it is a bad 'bio-weapon', the 'weapon' can still be very mild with a few symptoms that differ from the usual 'flu. Howver, the common cold is a coronavirus and it exists.

We considered that the whistleblower scientist from Hong Kong Dr. Yan was saying the same stuff and maybe was a plant. However, it may be that different versions did kill some doctors in Wuhan, it was examined under the microscope, and in needed situation these genetically deficient 'vaccine-reset' implementers can use that version strategically.

Now Dr Yan has produced evidence that the virus is manmade and originated in Wuhan - so given all the circumstances which encouraged people to travel abroad, but banned travel within China etc, this is considered an attack or act of aggression, by the CCP.

For this reason, this is the position of the US government at this time.


Even if viruses are not actually 'viruses', there is an operation in play,

and that the so called testing is not really testing and 'cases' of themselves do not mean anything. There are so called positives for people who weren't even tested, or for animals or plants.

There are many anomalies but the future may see an actual epidemic securely controlled via isolated countries and the only country that has literally isolated itself is Australia. *You can stock up on the preventatives and early treatment just in case - if the gvernment has not banned the prescripion of these.

There are different strenghs of strains of the virus but mostly the actual death numbers have been falsified.

It is currently a hoax that is being used to change our systems of government from freedom and democracy to auhoritan rule - and that is not good. The UK is rolling out its EU amalgamated Agenda 21 regions with Mini Hitler mayors as kings of their small countries but all answering to the head supercomputer government - but the British people did not agree to this nor did they agree to Brexit.....


In Australia there are truly ignorant State Premiers answering to not qualified 'Medical Officers' who only go by the data - which means they are unfit to be in such a leaderhip position. They are in fact dicatating policy to the elected leaders who themselves are completely ignorant of medical matters, just as the 'Chief Medical Officers' are ignorant of virology or the other issues that are essential to running an eonomy.

One of these Nick Coatsworth, completely dismissed HQC as ineffecive when the studies revealed slightly later that it is exremely effective. He is a liar being paid handsomely to uphold giving out the information an agenda wants the people to hear.

Other 'Medical Officers' are clearly people who should be kept well in the background. They do not do their research and they do not even try. They are sheep who are trying to keep their jobs or do what they think is expected of them but in the process ruining people's lives. They are people who have just learned their medical raining but never learned how to think and reason for themselves. Indeed, they probably cannot challenge the 'science' and 'data' because they do not know enough to do so.

Their incompetence as Medical Officers and as State Premiers is now clearly on display and seen by the many intelligent people in Australia - like Alan Jones - who are observing and commenting on, for example, Sky News and other sources.


The virus or bio-weapon has to be something that can be controlled and that those who know about it have a means not to be infected while target populations are affected.

The two main issues of controversy are

1. that the CCP ensured the virus would spread across the world and bought up all the PPE available, and additionlly now claim they have a vaccine.

2. That the medical protocols provided by the WHO and mostly US medical boards but also the data statistics method used of he professor at the UK's Imperial College, basically increase deaths, provide incorrect death certificaes and falsified numbers, and actively prevent effective early treatment being made known or available. Recommended treatments have been banned, pharmacists have been banned from filling medical doctors' prescriptions.

There are two stages to the virus - or the causative factor.

Initially it is a mild variation of ordinary coronaviruses. The second stage however - for those who go to that - can kill. The first target has been elderly people, and then as many as possible that could be moved on to the 2nd stage. This is done by preventing people getting the treatment in the 1st phase. There is no question that the agenda has no qualms whatsoever about people dying, particularly as drawn attention in Aged Care Homes - where people are not being fed or given their medications - as reported from a whistleblower.

Doctors agree there is something, and that may be that different strains are used in different areas, or that the biological cause responds differently in different areas or situations. By age, health status, toxic areas, or G network - but there still is something.

The Chinese whisteblower defector to the west from the Chinese labs at first seemed to be repeating the same story. However, she has since provided additional interesting information, and has covered actually looking at the item in question under the microscope, and can see that it - whatever it is - is lab created. She also reports that the CCP leadership are taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative against the CCP virus.


Behavioural Programming - Knowing You Better than You Know Yourself.

People would Vote Themselves Out of Their Freedom and Democracy and for their Government to Cede Control to Private Organizations for Health Laws and Climate Change Issues based on emotional feelings.

BRAINWASHING and BEHAVIOURAL MANIPULATION uses EMOTIONS to control people. Anger from those who didn't find a way to make use of the freedoms available to them. And, 'Hate Trump' - being played emotional for those who can be manipulated - and hysterically funny as that can be seen to be - but the real issue is how much he can block introducing the New Order.

Crossroads, Brainwashing. Emotions over Logic. 6 mins.


The Exploitation of Emotions to Make People Behave as Required

A clear example of that are the protest-riots. Based on ignorance and misinformtion including revised history and nonsense, irrelevant subjects taught in schools - and universities - and exploiting emotional responses.

It is now clear that many in significant positions have, in one way or another, been receiving payments from or doing business wih , the CCP. It includes high up politicians - take a look at high profile republicans now supporting the democrats - also Harvard professors, media anchor men and reporters trained with a CCP school in journalism, and ex government ministers like General Mattis - all with new jobs with, or in some way supporing the interests of the CCP.

People can be manipulated by emotional responses instead of paying attention and reasoning. It is the point of data collection through tech use to know you better than you know yourself, and Behavioural Programming.

So for Behavioural Programming, now is the time for your hero content providers to step in and influence how you think - 'doubt Trump' and vote for the ones who will bring in everything you are desperately trying for not to happen.

There also is no issue of fighting for 'democratic freedoms' happening in the streets in relation to 'peaceful protests'. These are staged and funded by the ones who plan to take away your freedoms. And these ones are very confident that you are stupid enough not to see what is in play. *References and links to who fund these protests and their required outcomes are covered elsewhere.



The Path that this planet and its people are on was created unnaturally. It forces the planet, or this reality, to literally leave True Source, fall a bit during a journey of around 13,000 years, to then cross the path of a Black Hole.

It is that influence which is the reverse of everything to do with living light and life streams. It is why people can be tempted by vast wealth, greed and power. Why people can be convinced to sell out their country and so on.

For some it means getting into really perverted activities, in line with people like Jeffrey Epstein. It also means drug taking - which incidentally is facilitated by the CCP with the express purpose of corrupting and killing mainly young people in America and the West.

It also includes the off Source aligned religions which developed over the 13,000 year journey, he changes of anatomy of the Master Glands, and practicies which seem to provide spiriiual and astral body freedom, but never leave what is always a false reality.

It is really difficult to become aware of the Deception. While in the midst of it in action, as it is now, it is better for us o focus on the issues that lie ahead.

This work and the other path this work discusses, does not rank 'woke consciousness' highly, nor 'woke spiriuality' which is on much the same level of any 'sleeping masses'. So the aim is to keep informed, and to stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone.

It is expected that the right people will counter what is in place - they are doing so now. It is they who make it possible.


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Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 years ago.
The World Which Created the Path of Light and Dark
What is the Dark Agenda
. ... . and the Dark Force

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Don't forget that what is happening today is still part of an ancient war.


The Way OUT of this matrix algorithim-run reality fed by the energy from the Black Hole which was used to create A.I. in an ancient time is by a SPIRITUAL WAY.

People don't find their way to this unless they are ready. The unready state sees that they are on the side of Light but it is of the Path of Light and Dark, but they do not believe that the dark exists. They are taught by the dark force that to believe in the existence of the dark is 'negative thinking'. They are taught it is a choice.

This makes it a Catch 22 situation unless you have the courage, the awareness to think for yourself - not just accept what you are told.

The events of 2020 have revealed that there is dark side.

The entirety of the energy you exist in, is from the 'dark god' which has recently revealed its existence, although its energy has been used for decades. That is the case because you exist in the body, and getting out of the body has been altered - so you always remain in these same realms.

This is a problem that happened once this planet had brought in the dark energy 'eitr' also called the 'black poison' even though it has light too. It is a different energy stream or 'tree'.

It unquestionably requires being lifted out by the higher and stronger of the Original Source.


General Standards for Accessing the Higher Living True Source.

The World Which Created the Path of Light and Dark
What is the Dark Agenda
. ... . and the Dark Force
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“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed.

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,

the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

~ Dresden James


"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..


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