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The 'Unique Opportunity' -

for Governments to Ruin

Everyone's Life




The Great Reset from the Economic Forum - listen to these old people talking about you need as decided by them.

They discuss the 'great tragedy' that is the plandemic. Not such a catastrophe though is it! It can be fixed in the first few days with antibiotics and hydroxchloroquine.

The reset is based on the 'tragedy' that is the plandemic. But there is no tragedy with it, it somehow fizzled out.......

The way ahead for all of the stupid people in the world who need these people to decide for us.

37 mins.

The Predators are the Ones Who Have Over-Exploited This World and Now Want Control of a RESET.

Of course we want healthy options and a sustainable green future, but not with lab grown 'meat' produced by a Bill Gates factory, and not by Obeying the Dictates of the WHO and other Private Organaizations - the ones who Abused this Planet to Start with.

10 mins.



How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State

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