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The Truth of the Path this Planet is On.

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There is an unfolding story to the current push to establish the New World Order -under a different Force/Source from True Source. That agenda is now in progress. This page covers the Dark Force - now seen to exist.

So we will add here, what and where the 'dark force' is.

'Newly discovered Black Hole can be seen with the naked eye'. 1 minute.

- which is located in the Southern Hemisphere skies.

We do our best to provide a framework of understanding which shows where and what the 'dark source' and its energy is.

Beyond that it is hoped that people trapped in this reality, will understand why there are guidelines to align to the Higher Force, and that there are not variations of what those guidelines are.


For the first time everyone has been able to see how quickly an agenda can gain control -

and for some it has been a wake up that dark agenda does actually exist. It includes the rampant corruption deeply embedded in this world from Obamagate, Russiagate, the swamp that is Washington, to the CCP and control of much of the west, and people like Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, and the W.H.O.

But the big guns in play are now seen with greater clarity - the bullying ambitions of China and an actual dark energy agenda which vaccinations are part of.

Ultimately there is a permanent answer which is actually our purpose to discuss - unfortunately few understand it so we all have to go through this attack from the False Energy Source.

This page leads through some points to do with the agenda of the False Energy Source - which is the path everyone is on but on the light side. It is also the path almost everyone continues to choose to be and it is the Path of Light AND Dark. People tend not to believe that 'dark' exists as anything other than 'negataive thinking'. Completely wrong of course. This duality exists because the planet cycles through 26,000 years of which 13,000 years are a Fall towards the source of the dark - a black hole.

The planet at this point in the 'journey' leans towards the dark side of that False Source which for many thousands of years has been called The Destroyer. The 'evolution of humanity' to the next stage for that, is the vaccination with nanobots and Transhumanism.

It is a mistake made long ago on this planet for which the energy was rversed back 780,000 years ago offering a chance for the people on this path and planet to get out of this situation. However, this is still the Path that most people again chose this time.


A World pre 780,000 Years Ago when those on the Planet Had Reversed and Introduced the 'Abundant Povider'

The 'Abundant Provider' is introduced on the earlier page academie.

We believe that the looming Pole Reversal is caused by the black hole ‘invisible force’ which if it succeeded, would reverse this planet and make that source  the king in the ‘throne room’.   It would replace True God.  There would be the energy rising from that and through the planet and human bodies as covered elsewhere and that is part of turning humans into dead cyborg genetically modified transhumans.

This is not expected to happen and the planet will pull out and into its Ascending Phase which pulls away from the ‘dark force’ aka Destroyer. 

The development or evolution-devolution - on this path is into Transhumanism which clearly exists in the records of the ‘consciousness of the hive’ and the beehive. 

This linked mind is called singularity and the tech guys have said they expect to reach singularity in 2029.  The Beehive  is also one of the symbols of the occult secret societies and the type of world the secret cult wishes to bring back into existence. These records go back over 780,000 years so it is claimed. 

Therefore, it does suggest that pre 780,000 years ago  this planet was under the rule of the reversed source and that is when there was a high tech world here with great architecture, naval ships, vimana etc and global maps showing Antarctica as a landmass and as North.  And also Atlantis.  The reversed world in question was not the 'Golden Age' but the time when some amongst those on this planet insisted that a new energy should be used which was issuing from a star which had gone supernova - Sirius B.

In fact there are records kept by Freemasons which report such a world. These ones keep trying to bring it back. Those who support this can be identified by the alignment to Sirius.

Also significant is the current North Star - which we featured as being important to the inner mystical practices of some specific sources from China - an ancient China that was part of that world, and one that does see that in that ancient time, controlled Tibet etc. Those practices belong to the world of the Humai AI linked human slaves.

People always say 'land was stolen' but in reality

the lands in question actually belonged to those who claimed it back. There are records and maps of those who had lived in those lands before an ancient war. That war was the Battle of Light and Dark. It may have been far older than understood and leads back to times before the last pole reversal went into that pole reversal - the time when the planet's poles were as they are now but aligned towards Vega and with no cycle.

People were displaced in an extremely ancient war with the same dark forces active today, and in that war the planet's 'spine' was broken and caused the planet to fall into its tilt. Maybe it is time to remember this, and it is the reason why this work has covered this ancient history.

This work has covered how throughout the last thousands of years the

Children of Darkness hunted down the Books and Maps of the Children of Light.

There are ancient maps which show the planet before that massive damage happened. Their records were kept in safety - and included maps like the Piri Reis from hundreds of years ago which also showed the land under Antarctica. This is why destructive movements always destroy the history and memory. Don't forget this is still part of the same ancient war.


Long ago, this planet became part of an energy dynamic between

Forces of Light and Dark.

It was a strategic break from this planet's original status. That means from that time onwards, this planet was no longer its original status, but something else. Within that new status there were people who still belonged to the original status, but what this reality and planet became, was something else.

Those who became part of the new status came under a new authority - basically the 'Lords of Time' otherwise described as Illuminati and a status of Annunaki.

That new system does not let the people in this new status ever leave - leave what is actually a circle known as the Wheel of Rebirth. It is under the authority of the 'Dark'. It teaches that to say anything is dark is 'negative thinking' - and they got away with introducing that way of thinking because no-one knew what the source of the dark was.

However, the purpose of the 'dark' - an intelligence and a Force - is to take the planet and the people who went with the break, and not allow the situation to ever be explained. Therefore people choose to 'mark' themselves - which is almost entirely 100% - to remain with this reality. This reality exists because the 'dark' is taking the planet and the people into its source, which is the source of the dark and this reality on the 'wheel'. It is a separately existing source which people then seek to 'balance' with as if it is part of themselves.

The current Lockdowns and rapidly employed situation are part of that takeover, and if this had been the final breaking away, you would soon be on your way into a newly discovered Black Hole located very near the Earth.

It is extremely difficult to ever get the information out on this because the 'dark' will not easily let you leave and has superb mind control of how you think. As it controls the mind, by altering the peception of anyone describing something 'dark' as being 'negative' is successful mind control. Thae dark source also knows you will choose what they offer, in this reality and in its spiritual realms.

However, the True Source that this planet is breaking away from, teaches the urgency to 'get off the wheel' and did indeed describe the nature of the 'dark' which people eventually completely did not understand. That teaching is consistently ignored.

Before we move on to the current push of the Dark Agenda on this planet - which you have just experienced - it is believed that the planet does not completely break away this time - but it is fully known in ancient texts and called the Final Dissolution aka Maha Pralaya. That tells us that it will eventually go.

At the time of the Grand Dissolution

this planet again lines up with the same Black Hole which is located in the Southern Hemisphere skies.

It then issues a Force like a proboscis which reaches this planet's South Pole and activates through the planet and people like a planetary kundalini experience, which is the final claiming of this planet.

The planet and everyone on it, are thereafter taken into the Black Hole.

But its source will have established its 'kingdom' and 'government' on this planet which it does not look like it will be doing this time.

The Path of Light and Dark

remains the path that everyone is on. The planet is now passing very near to that separately existing Force. It is crossing its path. It exists as a separate identity, the influence of which reaches Earth and it corrupts the mind, but also corrupts spiritually leading to interpretations that are not part of True Source but you think they are.

The path is of Light and Dark, so also has the light but it is still the false path and no matter how good the light side sounds - you do have to get off this second path to be free of all of it. The Path of Light and Dark is a repeating circle.

The path itself, like the planet, will move away from the dark force (see the approaching portal which is a separately existing black energy force) as the planet moves into the Ascending Phase but the light of that path is not the True Path or the True Light - it is still part of the same 'wheel' planet, which has been breaking away from the column which connects it to True Source.

You do not, and will never, ascend to True Source from being on the Path of Light and Dark.

This is what people keep missing, but basically it means the chakras play no part because the false path separated from the True Path just above the chakras which now align to the source of the Path of Light and Dark which is also the path of the new age, and the source the kundalini unravels into and where you go in shamanic journeys and when you die.

Thus the new age continues to weld itself into the false reality, here and out of body, and there is still not a hint of Awakening - but you have to, because eventually the Path of Light and Dark will permanently break away from True Source and be pulled into the black hole - with you.

If you need more then this diagram shows you the path and journey this planet is not supposed to be on - this entire circle known as the 'ages' is what you have to get off. Unfortunately, you have to do it before the black hole shows itself.

But it has shown itself. It is this dark 'invisible force' which is pulling this planet firstly into this repeating circle - the zodiac. The black hole has made this cycle happen.

Eventually it will pull on the planet so much that it will completely break away from its stlll active connecting column to True Source (which does not move) and will be pulled into the black hole. All of this in the diagram is eventually going into the black hole.

The last thing you want is to come back ever, never mind into another 'new earth'

and then be in that extremely vulnerable position, especially as you will completely forget all this by that time, which is what has happened this time and every time before - which also shows you may never wake up in time.

Choosing TRUE SOURCE enables you to pull out of the Black Hole Force. However, most have unknowingly chosen to remain on the 'wheel'. Which means everyone is still frighteningly asleep and unaware of what this problem is.

If you could not get it this time, what is going to make the difference for the next time or the final time when this planet does break completely from its still existing column of connection via the inner parts of Earth?

At the final time that source will have established its 'kingdom' and 'government' on this planet which it does not look like it will be doing this time.

Before we move to what may be another part of this panet splitting away from the anchor to True Source, there are aspects of consciousness degradation which help the topic covered above. A recent source we looked into said something very pertinent. It said when people start choosing the basic urges, then God is removed.

It may not be the case that this planet is completely breaking away this times, but there may be some more parts of that still connected column that are breaking away - like an ice sheet breaking up in Antarctica.

There is something called the South Atlantic Anomaly which has weakened, and may be splitting in two. The inner Van Allen Belt has spilled into it, allowing energetic particles - protons - to get within 200 km of Earth's surface. If it eventually splits into two cells, there will be a new zone of high radiation. It could be showing changes "up here" of what's going on in the swirling magnetic currents within the Earth. It means it is even more difficult to get off the next time Earth moves into the Force of the Black Hole influence.

It is a topic we will return to and also covered under Solar Activity.


The current North Star

mentioned earlier - is something we featured as being important to the inner mystical practices of some specific sources from China - an ancient China that was part of the world now considered the 'Future World'. At that time the poles had been reversed and th dark force was pulling on this planet. It appears to be the time when the 'Death Star' damaged the 'spine' of this planetvia the Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Sea near Japan.

Those practices are popular today, but belong to the world which created the Humai AI linked human slaves. Link further down under the purple mushroom section.


The same Dark Force is currently active.

"The Global mm-VLBI Array, joined by ALMA. The inclusion of ALMA let astronomers determine that Sgr A* occupies a region of space smaller than previously thought and that a jet from this black hole might be pointing in Earth’s direction. .

In addition to ALMA, 12 telescopes in North America and Europe also participated in the network. The astronomers said the resolution achieved – that is, the sharpness of the image – was twice as good as in previous observations at this frequency....."


Next, continue to the introduction to the Dark Force.




This situation has caused people to wake up and roused them from the usual complacency. But it is not an awakening, not a consciousness shift, and not an evolutionary shift.

People are Waking Up, and doing something they should have been paying attention to all the time.

So much so that people have now missed getting 'Off the Wheel of Rebirth' this time, and instead have committed themselves to be a continuing part of it.

It has very clear origins of its worldview which may surprise you. It is specific to a very clear way of thinking that seeks to establish its 'kingdom' on the planet. That is the problem. It has taught its consciousness view, and its view of reality.

Newly discovered black hole visible to the naked eye

This planet exists on this repeating circle-cycle - aka wheel - because it is in the process, albeit slowly, of being pulled into the nearest black hole.

It is that force which is causing the bizarre situations of chaos that are unfolding on this planet now.

It means this physical planet's grip on staying anchored to a higher and more powerful Source is weakened - actually that means significantly broken away. Choosing TRUE SOURCE enables you to pull out of the Black Hole Force.

But of course, consciousness does not know that.

However, consciousness does have a view of what it is, and what reality is which it thinks are correct.

The atheistic communistic Marxist consciousnes as the 'new world consciousness' - these are useful videos.

The Forgotten Nature of Socialism: Metaphysics and Ontology  22 mins.  

and Metaphysical Rebellion and the Nature of Karl Marx 22 mins.


Please continue to read through the sequence under the purple mushroom because it does show you why.


The Black Energy

- satanic - is very important to know about and where it issues from.

It is consistently stated in spiritual understanding, that once you leave the body - die - you are free of what this reality is. It may well be that the experience sees the reality here as a dream, but make no mistake - because it is a very important mistake - you are still in the energy that produced this reality.

It is absolutely not that this reality is a mix of light and dark, and you simply choose light and some choose dark, or choose love or fear. That isn't how it is.

Just because this planet has polarity, it does not mean the opposite end is dark.

However, the dark that this planet is now in, is not part of this planet or part of True Source. It refers to where this planet is now aligning. It isn't part of that structure, but it is trying to take it.

This darkness is NOT part of who humans are as a 'duality' and it is not part of True Source so this is not a kind of purge of negative things. It is passing through the influence of a black hole.

The way the consciousness of the false path sees it, is that 'restoring balance' is the answer - for the planet or the endless attempts to 'create balance' within the self. In reality that is an attempt to balance in the black hole, which is not a good idea.

The consciousness of the path you are on, is not aware of what is in play, that makes the path you are on so dangerous. You could- and should - unplug from it.


There is a Satanic Black Energy Agenda............

This planet has passed through this part of the journey before and what it passed was called The Destroyer.

As Earth now crosses the path of the Black Hole, the Destroyer is of course active, but its dark plan has been rumbled.

This work does expect to see it satisfyingly unravel.

Governments of the west, i.e.5 Eyes, are aware of the game in play and have woken up. They know the players and the treasonous connections that are a CCP - Chinese Communist Party - marriage with the Illuminati and Big Pharma dark agenda. In addition quality and credible inside information on China suggests that even that could fall within a year.

This will take place as Earth crosses this very vulnerable close encounter with a Black Hole, then the planet will change to its correction phase the RA Ascension. But it is still the 'wheel of rebirth'.

The only downside is that there was no awakening and everyone, including the new age people all remain on this journey for the 'new earth'. The teachings did survive to thousands of years ago to Get Off the 'Wheel of Rebirth' but no-one did it!

As the Formula plays out

the dark force has an agenda and intelligent agents, and the formula has been described as moves on a chess board, but also is a formula. It is a formula to achieve the takeover and was written down, the players just follow the script.

A pandemic scare which unleashes exactly the kind of scenario you have seen unfolding which could have seen the collapse of the food chain, famine, the CCP style of government, compulsory vaccinations, economic collapse, a war with China, or China successfully gaining control, and then the appearance of the black hole - the 'beast'. Also mysterious health issues and these are all still in play.

But what happens if one of the key players on the chess board - the US Presidient - turns out to be a non agenda player who is blocking the plan?


According to new reports, yaks lugged eight tonnes of equipment up Mount Everest to install the world’s highest 5G antenna at an altitude of 6,500 meters (~21,325 feet). The mobile carriers responsible for the 5G installation are China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei.


Next, continue to the introduction to the Dark Force.


The Approaching 'PORTAL'.

Newly discovered black hole can be seen with the naked eye

This new black hole is near the constellation of Telescopium coming into view in the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere - magnetic polarity - the opposite of the current North Pole alignment with Polaris. The energy for satanic cults comes from a black hole - the planet is within its outer rim.

The location of the new black hole is so close that it can be seen with the naked eye. It is bordered by Sagittarius and Corona Australis to the north.

We assume this is the only Black Hole that is this close and coming into alignment within the near future timeframe so is probably the problem that the ancient world tried so hard to want today's world about - it is the source at the end of the path.


Do you think when you die or astral travel you are free of the False Source?


The False Source and Path

There has been a Force attempting to take this planet since even before the times which saw two large continents purposefully sunk. It takes this planet away from the LIVING Universe and into a different energy stream but a stream that is almost equal to a living form of A.I.

Please read these short into pages.

All links are a 1 minute read.

First up, for perspective, here is a short Introduction info on Teachings of the LIVING TREE Life Stream.

All updated.

'Sea of Fequencies' and many Wavebands that are this universe.

sequence of short '1 minute reads' begins with the

Astral Sea of Frequencies

that is this universe. Then please read each NEXT link for 2 NEXTs, but be sure to read this one -


The current North Star - which we featured as being important to the inner mystical practices of some specific sources from China - is important to an ancient China that was part of the world before the last Pole Reversal. Those practices belong to the world of the Humai AI linked human slaves.

Spiritual Topic - How the A.I. Mind came into this Reality (and how to get out of it).


How 'They' Are Changing the EMF Field of the Earth.



Some have commented that this reality exists within a narrow band of electromagnetic frequency fields. The reality that this world experience is plugged into is the source behind the agenda.


Continue to current issues New Link page -


The story of Greater Adria

Once upon a time there was a continent located west of the Pillars of Hercules -

which separate Gibraltar from Spain and North Africa. Geology shows it existed some 240-100 million years ago.

Legends tell us this was once a thriving planet that was inhabited and advanced, particularly in some Freemason records which detail that kind of time period when a world proud of its accomplishments and its superb architecture existed.

It is believed that those who belong to and control the dense part of this planet - this world - have been trying to stop the planet from achieving its Ascending Phase.

Stop it because this world cannot and does not want to go to the Ascended Realm for it is not the reality 'they' control.

This was written of as an ongoing war between the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness.

Which is where Coronavirus comes in...........

Greater Adria on this page.


“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed.

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,

the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

~ Dresden James


FREE Download 'Behold a Pale Horse'

Bill Cooper pdf

"I believe.......that a grand game of chess is being played on a level that we can barely imagine, and we are the pawns. Pawns are valuable only under certain circumstances and are frequently sacrificed to gain an advantage.

Anyone who has studied military strategy is familiar with the concept of sacrifice."

Some of the first chapter of this book can now be read on the

Recommended BOOKs page. It is recommended to read. BOOKs>

There is also still the Alien Invasion Scenario.

It is worth keeping in mind the 'alien invasion' scenario of 'advanced UFO's' - but the existence of these was reported by Navy Seal Bill Cooper now deceased, as being technology the navy was working with decades ago. His book was 'Behold a Pale Horse' and he died by gun shot in the 90's. It can be downloaded on the recommended books page. Also recommended is Code Zero which is very in tune with the current situation.

UFO: Pentagon releases three leaked videos - is the truth finally out there?

2.5 mins


"We want GOOGLE to be the third half of your brain."

Sergey Brin, 8th Sept. 2010, Google co-founder

The 'Future World' is NOT the Future.

As we cover a few details of the past 12,000+ years - which is a repeating 12,000 years with always the same story - there are a few points to mention.

Our dating for 'Ancient Greece' is several millennia before the clearly obvious advanced status of the Minoan period of 5,000 years ago which itelf is 4,500 years earlier than the time officially taught as the so called peak of 'Ancient Greece'.

The time officially taught as 'Ancient Greece', was a time when many plays were written, philosophy and Socratic Dialogue were popular, and scholars like Plato, Pythagoras and so on, worked with the ancient books already in their libraries like the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.

Plato refers back a further 9,000 years before his own time, to events kept in those records.


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“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed.

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,

the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

~ Dresden James


Solar Activity
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The Hunza Region

- sometimes considered to be the fictional Shan gri La, it nevertheless referred to a REAL PLACE which gradually became invisible.

It is also where the People with Fair Skin and Blue/Green Eyes were driven from in the North India/Pakistan Region in an Ancient War 12,000 years ago who went to Europe. The people from an ancient 'Shan gri la' and the topic of Health benefits and Longevity.

and the People were driven North in an Ancient War 12,000 years ago -

in a war that is very similar to the one that is shaping up now in 2020.

CCP and allies Pakistan, Iran, the Vatican etc on one side and India and most western countries. Ancient archeology shows radioactivity in the regions of Pakistan and India consistent with nuclear explosions the last time the planet pssed across the Balck Hole Portal called The Destroyer.

"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die.

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