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Thank you for reading this hard worked for website. 

As an introduction, this work began decades ago with a healthy, plant based diet and 'harmlessness' based lifestyle that then looked far beyond to a time when this planet was a 'Golden World'.  This website is then going to pass on to you some information to do with that. 

As an introduction to me and why I wanted to do this website, I would like to cover a few choices which were presented to me during my lifetime and whether I chose the values of the soul and its journey, or whether I saw 'opportunities' which only have value in this world - aka a 'world of illusion'. 

So first, perhaps you will be okay with wading through this brief introduction, because although I care very much about how people treat each other, I never had any need to delve into teaching about it, or anything of that kind!   Yet I found myself diverted from my career and following up mystical information, something very unexpected for me to do, yet which also led to something very unexpected. What is really hoped for is that you will read the next couple of pages which then lead to the promise of some information that is absolute dynamite.

Well, you may not believe that statement!  But if you will just continue with a little bit of reading - throughout the entire next page - you will discover that it is.   I promise.

While in my twenties - a long time ago! - in my chosen a career of TV, and theatre, which included 12 hard years of Royal Academy ballet and more 'Royal Academies of....' 'Royal Schools of...' Imperial Societies of...',  and college, but having run into some injury issues which were putting my career on hold and placing it in jeopardy, my agent phoned me with a very different and what seemed an interesting job offer.  You will understand that this was just the normal 'part and parcel' of the life I was part of.  It was by no means rare to have some very interesting job offers,  I had had some fantastic opportunities presented to me. 

I already came from a fortunate background and education, and I had already been asked things like if I would be interested to be in the 'Miss World' contest, and had decided against an opportunity to go to the Ford Model Agency in New York as one of the new models routinely sent over there from the London agencies.  These were nice opportunities but at the time, not what I was looking for.  Then I unexpectedly found I had some health and injury issues and perhaps wished I had taken those offers! 

The offer from my agent that I mentioned  above was to be the Personal Assistant to the personal pilot of the King of a European country, who was definitely part of the world's 1% elite.  It was an opening which would have opened even more doors for me as I moved on from that particular step into a very elite world.

So you may be aghast at my disappointment when I found out the job required that I was expected to be 'very friendly' with this pilot!  I was horrified and of course did not accept such an offer.

You may be aghast because you, like most beautiful girls when presented with such an offer, may think it is obvious to jump at such an opportunity. My agent, clearly could not understand why I did not accept this either!   This was not even the only such 'opportunity', if you are in the right circles there are oodles of openings to become part of the 1% elite world, or form relationships with others of the super rich.  But for me it was unthinkable and not at all the way to legitimately create 'success' in your life.  Also for me, is that I had chosen a life which honoured the soul and at that time I was searching for a spiritual path which fulfilled what I was truly looking for.  So, perhaps this was a test. 

Eventually I did rather magically find my way to the spirituality I searched for and some of the knowledge of what comes with that is what is shared on this website and in the book. Of course this website could also share not only about rejuvenation, healing, health and youthfulness, ideal weight, but also confidence boosting style.  And because I did 'Finishing School Training' - which means the kind of training someone like the Duchess of Cambridge has done - this work could indeed provide some much overlooked but definitely more genteel and 'higher civilized' knowledge on diplomacy, and 'good manners' that would also leave you well prepared should you happen to be meeting ambassadors, world leaders, and royalty.  However what that really is, is about being kind and totally considerate of others and their feelings - and that goes back to the days when this planet was in its Golden Age. 

It centres round a greater understanding of the 'Golden Rule' of 'do as you would be done by' which should definitely apply to everyday interaction with others, if this is indeed a 'civilized, evolved world' as it claims to be, it is a way of being that also completely understands and empathizes with even the deepest inner feelings of being human.

Keeping to the values and principles that relate to the 'soul' is by no means the easiest option for how to 'create' the life that was available to me.  I could have made it much easier on myself, but had I done so I would not have been placing the way back to 'soul consciousness' as the priority -  because these opportunities were not the rewards of having 'made it' in this world. They were options had I chosen them, would have meant I had to compromise, or completely throw out, Higher Values.  It is not the great things that can come your way in life that indicates 'spiritual success'.  It is having those opportunities available to you but knowing they compromise being true to the real inner self.

There is another side to this introduction which acknowledges and respects anyone and everyone who has experienced 'wrong' done to them and not been able to find justice, or has not been listened to, had their life placed in danger by the carelessness of others, been on the receiving end of bullying or slander, or any number of other wrongs during their lives but for which there will never be the chance to 'make it right'. 

That your story may never receive 'justice' is probably what blocks real healing for so many.  Because the wrong also lies in not being able to make known/prove something wrong was done and then having that acknowledged by others. The only thing that makes it acceptable is that there is a way to 'make it right' but only within the bigger picture and within a greater consciousness which fully understands and cares.

For me, it bothered me a great deal that so much of the world centred around the atrocious attitude to 'relationships'  that is highlighted in the opening paragraphs, and even worse versions in the everyday world.

I also wanted to find answers to the injury which had halted my career in 'performing arts'.  By that stage I had actually turned away from the more glamorous life in order to find those answers.  Can't tell you what a shock I experienced or how many arrogant and uncaring doctors and other sources of 'help' I went to.  One of those things was the mercury poisoning mentioned elsewhere. But that is only one of the things.

It turned out that not only doctors, but most people do not believe you, especially in the ordinary workplace!  So you have the injury, trauma, unacknowledged or hard to prove assault experience, or whatever, and then on top of that have the misjudgment of what others think you are with your injury, trauma etc also placed upon you - including if it is in the workplace, because lots of these people are back stabbing their own way to promotions for themselves.  But even in everyday life you will come across people - like so called friends -  who think they had been through as much themselves and they handled it all much better than you have!  So let me say again, keeping to 'higher values' can make things much harder than if you choose the easy path 

It is not such a great world when you need it to be compassionate and kind - and that is something that is really wrong about the consciousness on this planet!  So, even though the relatives may go the very best doctors in Harley Street, London, for me, I definitely had to find my own answers. 

Naturally, over so many years of not getting 'healing help', and having to spend a lot of time stuck in the ignorant world of the much lesser career I turned to when I made 'healing and spiritual development' my priority, I also wanted to know as much as I could on the topics of Regeneration and Rejuvenation!   It is all of these circumstances that eventually opened up entirely new opportunities.

The Way of Energy Reversal began with the regeneration, longevity, rejuvenation, and vegetarian health practices which mostly began with the Greek Therapeutae – said to live to 120 years, or perhaps even knew the secrets of immortality and were the forerunners of Hippocrates and 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine'.

 But anyone had to suspect that some of these must have had the other secret knowledge.

 If they were reversing their energy and actually staying young, then they must have known something, and indeed their writings do provide an insight into this.  So, everything took second place in order to focus firstly on the most important.  People had a right to know this.

The following couple of pages cover information from ancient records unexpectedly discovered while investigating further into the origins of Natural Plant Based Diets, Healing and Health, and issues such as why the body no longer produces its own anti-aging Vitamin C etc.. Therefore, before going on to to these,  there is an important need to show you the background to the existence of the disconnected Life-Streams necessary to Rejuvenation, Regeneration, and Good Health.

The easiest beginning is with the Introduction


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Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: E:\soul-search-new\fnb_logo_resist_color.gif  The easiest beginning is with The Way of Energy Reversal ELIXIR. 

There is more on Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan, Rejuvenation, Healing and living by the 'Golden Rule' and other related topics, but felt it was important to provide just the couple of pages on this additional information first.  Thank you.


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