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The Globalist Elite secretly partnered with the CCP many decades ago,

in the time of Deng Xiaoping a Chinese politician who was the paramount leader of the People's Republic of China from 1978 until 1989, likely to have been initiated by Nixon's visit to China in 1972.

In 1970, Chairman Mao contacted the USA to make a deal. The current push for Global Control by the Marxist-Leninist CCP is a very longterm plan.



The Agenda Unfolding in the World Now, is the 'Path' You Are On.

This is why throughout the millennia of the approach to the 'dark source' there is the offer of a way to get off this path that the planet is on.

The 'dark source' is an entry point into a Black Hole - and perhaps a parallel Earth (which needs periodic boosts of living life energy o keep it going. This is another topic but was the result of those who had gone into reverse and could not return when Earth began Ascending again.)

However, the energy issuing from that source was used long ago to create technology. It also created AI - the intelligent mind which is directing the next stage for biological life into non-biological life. It operates through the Mind towards easing you into choosing it as your destiny.

It is an energy and an intelligence which some people converted to and continued to convert into - take part in rituals for - from ancient times to the present day. It is behind the thinking of Materialism, Atheism, Marxism, Communism, Totalitarianism, and the Plan of the Ages for World Domination by the elite who have continued rituals into that energy for millennia.

As that world approached the choice to hand over authority to Health Laws and Climate Change and the control system mentioned above, many people had changed over to the altered consciousness - which did not recognize the actual source of the danger ahead.

The Virus Does Exist

Even if what is called a virus isn't a virus. Of course it is an operation, and one that is malevolent. Those behind it do not care if you die, the elderly die in droves, or they 'disappear you', but you can still take precautions by using the preventatives and medicines which have proven successful in so called 'covid-19' positive cases, whatever positive represents, or the tests were or were not.

It does not mean it is a bad 'bio-weapon' the weapon can still be very mild with a few symptoms that differ from the usual 'flu.



Please try to read on for how to block - what you can - of the agenda from happening and more.......


***It was always known that an ILLUSION would be played out.

A kind of hypnotized reality that people believe they are seeing. As to the violent protests - the people involved do believe they are fighting against Nazis. This bizarre, crazy stuff is part of the altered education at schools. Did these people actually research what the Nazis were?

Academie Economy ... .


The 'Unique Opportunity' - to Ruin Everyone's Life

The World Economic Forum presents that the world now has a 'unique opportunity' presented to change the world. Why? What happened? What opportunity is that?

They have been setting this up for decades as the problem-reaction-solution.

Many people have been commenting on what these greedy old spoilt people in their Luxembourg and Liechtenstein mansions have been doing and what they plan to do to take control - and this is it. The RESET. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

What the New Resilient, Sustainable World Means

Their solution is to reduce the world population to sustainable levels, which will take place over a generation or so because of the sterilization via the vaccine. Yes, that is more 'sustainable'.

There are other methods in play as well of course, including eugenics and 'voluntary' euthanasia. Someone decides whatmakes up 'more desireable characteristics' - probably that decision comes from the private organization to do with Health and Climate Changetha people are set to cede their democratic freedom to, to make future unchallengeable decisions. It can't be challenged if people ceded their rights to have any part in the decision process for their lives - which is what the Democrat party have told you they are going to do.

Keep in mind that these ones do not understand what the connection to God and 'True Source' is - but neither do those who id not understand that they are on this path.



Behavioural Programming - Knowing You Better than You Know Yourself.

You have already provided all the information about yourself and how you think, behave and will respond to the current situation.

People would Vote Themselves Out of Their Freedom and Democracy and for their Government to Cede Control to Private Organizations for Health Laws and Climate Change Issues based on emotional feelings. After that has been done, everyone on this planet becomes fully under the control of the globalist-CCP- model, agenda forever more. You will have no rights whatsoever.

*This topic continues.

If there Was Massive DEMAND for Hydroxychloroquine to be Available as a first line Treatment it would make it Difficult to Jusify a Need for a Vaccine.

There Seems to be Little Awareness that this 'Virus' Can Be Beaten in the First 5 Days........


Early Treatment or Preventative for 'Covid-19'


Zinc + Hydroxychloroquine + an antibiotic like Azithromycin

War Room Live Streaming NOW FDA internal doc. Favors Money Making Drugs

FDA document shows Hydroxychloroquine works and would override any need for an 'emergency vaccine'.

Pharmacists are being forbidden to dispense these prescriptions.

In addition, instructions were given to doctors to in essence falsify death certificates, and the procedure protocols were to put people on ventilators - which killed some 80% of all people put on them.  People were made to wait more than 5 days for test results ensuring that they could not be treated within that first 5 day window. Thousands of people have died through this. Many doctors spoke out on this, some of these later 'fell out of windows' or 'committed suicide'.


Fauci Grilled on Protests.

5 mins The protests spread the virus but Fauci won't answer.


The stages for destroying the current world as reported in the late 1990's are

Pandemic - Protests - Martial Law - Economic Collapse - Reset.

The plan does not require WW3. It requires protests to provoke a response which can lead to outrage as 'an attack on democratic freedoms' and then, championed by democrats, further escalate into civil unrest everywhere which is the purpose of Stage 3. The CCP military will be the world's new police force.

Again, standing up to the CCP and quite possibly causing its fall, was not part of the world takeover plan. The CCP was supposed to be the glowing example to follow. It cannot fight and win a kinetic war. But there are many forms of war.

The policy of the democrats is to make government answer to Health Laws and Climate Change issues - which means the organizations which are accepted as 'world authorities'. Biden has stated this.

Trump stocked up on and focussed on Hydroxychloroquine very early in the plandemic. Hydroxychloroquine will become available and the plandemic will be no more.

The knowledge is spreading amongst ordinary folk that Hydroxychloroquine beats the virus. The virus does exist and is lab created. It is able to be managed because in the first stage it is fairly benign so those who take the preventative measures avoid the second stage. *It is reported that the CCP leadership etc which a virus lab whistleblower has linked to control of the WHO, are taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative.


MIND CONTROL - Knowing You Better than You Know Yourself.

You have already provided all the information about yourself and how you think, behave, and will respond to a situation.

Those behind the Agenda for RESET and GLOBAL DOMINATION want the protests to continue because it keeps the covid virus spreading and therefore their agenda can continue.


There is a coup d'etat taking place across the world

for ownership of the planet, overtly led by the CCP and covertly co-led by the globalist collaborators and the A.I. system which made this possible. It is the planet that is wanted, not the people.

When elected leaders make decisions on covid strategies, lockdowns and where people can and cannot go, those instructions - called the 'science' - come from the Artificial Intelligence. It is the AI which is ultimately behind the coup. It would be a good idea to make decisions from humans instead.

At the moment you are only being shown what 'they' will do and people are accepting and complying with it. A choice not comply will not exist if the authority of government is voted out and handed over to Health and Climate Change Organizations. After that, a total CCP type response - same as the Stasi or Gestapo or Mafia rules - will have the authority to do everything that has been threatened.

But it does not happen until you vote it into being - in the USA.

Aug. 'Governments of Occupation'

The prime target countries of the coup are the UK and the USA along with Australia and presumably Canada. It s also presumed to include Europe since the EU were planning Health Passports at least in 2019 *See world news page.

They were never going to fully come out of lockdowns again.


Aug. 1st. video

The Measures to Come in Your Country Under this CCP-Modelled Takeover.

This attack is not going to go away easily. Expect the same as shown in this CROSSROADS episode.

23 mins.


Pakistan and China have a 3 year Agreement to Develop Bio-Weapons.

This is warned as a launch site for virus attacks in the Middle East as well as Europe. This is a project to take place at a secret P3 in Pakistan. There is also a 400 billion dollar deal over 25 years between the CCP and Iran.


Generic Prescription Drug Manufacturing to return to the US in Presidential Deal made with Kodak.

Also Means Lower Prices. As the flooding in China approaches the regions where almost all pharmaceutical medicines are made, President Trump has brought manufacturing of medicines back to America. News end of July 2020.

2 mins.


Decades ago the

Chinese Communist Party was brought into the Algorithm for NWO 'Brave New World'.

They would become rich like Gates became, and be the prototype of the totally automated 'future world' - Transhumanism, and which shows how it does not need humans -

This article is on Spider Web Info Links + a doco on the 'future world' NWO that China is the prototype of.

Videos on

'Preparing the Way for Transhumanism'. And 'Social Engineering and Eugenics'.

The Transhuman World

'Social Engineering and Eugenics' continue to Academie.Matrix.

The World Which Created the Path of Light and Dark . ... . The planet pre 780,000 years ago.
continue to Academie.Matrix.


Black Lives Matter - is FUNDED By.......

8 mins.

Protests organizations like Antifa are financed by Soros and more.....and may be involved with foreign powers for the purpose of destroying your democratic rights and freedom and handing over power to a CCP styled technocratic, totalitarian One World Government. The average person involved in these protests which are peaceful by day but targeted violence after about 9pm, are probably not aware of the agenda behind how they are funded. The protests are not about social justice, they are about the violence and unrest they cause.

Are the Protests Treason?

The government is also looking into possible treasonous collaborations involving Google and other tech social platforms, Amazon,and Big Pharma which manufactures most of its products using slave labor in China and selling for massive profits. If legally proven to be undertaking treasonous collaboration with foreign powers any and all of these including those funding the protests could be charged with high treason. Who is funding those leading the protests? Those funders include big pharma.

Big Pharma Very Upset that Medicines will now be Cheaper.

7 mins.

John A. Stormer's 1964 book, “None Dare Call It Treason,” ......promulgated the notion that

American government and institutions were full of Communist sympathizers.


This was the first response to the major agenda upset which threatens the unfolding globalist agenda to this day.

Russiagate. "There Was No Russian Hack."


Bill Binney former NSA Director Makes His Case.

What the Democrats Did

Try to listen at least half way, better all of it, because this is a major expose - the info is good. Heavy duty names are now actively speaking out. Expose the coup. It covers people involved with the UK Cabinet Office - the 'government of occupation', spider web parallel government. Generally Barbara Boyd believes there is a real pandemic etc but observes that all the attempts to knock ou Trump have failed and instead exposed more and more of those behind the coup. Guest Jim Kavanagh tells us he is a leftist supporter of Biden. Trump is no longer surrounded by war mongers (like Bolton) but does face difficulties with swamp members and agendas from deep state, web shadow coup etc. The CCP is behind illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking.

Ellen Ratner reports "Julian Assange told her leaks were from an internal source" on Nov 5, 2016. So, in case you haven't seen it I'll put the link as a reply. The truth could come full circle if Ellen Ratner were to interview Bill Binney.'
'We "the people" need to wake up and realize that the sedition is not against the government but against OUR elected Government so we are culpable! We elected and helped promote the bad governance or our Country! Now is the time to keep our Republic if that's what we really want! Do we have the political will to fight for this great Republic and our freedoms, or are we ready for a new world order which enslaves us? Now is the time to fight!' comments from youtube. *We have some more on Trump's call for an investigation into this, on the world new page.


++ ''In Future Government will Take Direction from Organizations like W.H.O. for Climate Change Issues and Future 'Health Emergencies'''

- Biden policy.

Plus - Mandatory Face Masks and Vaccinations, Forced Detentions,

Lockdowns so the Economy Cannot Recover

leading to the Globalist Agenda Reset

..................... These are all DEMOCRAT Policies.

ALL of the issues people are concerned about - ALL of them - are the policies the Democrats want to bring in.

9 mins. Listen to Biden tell his policies.


"You have no right to refuse to be vaccinated."

first 10 mins.

Once 'they' have been given control - which is up to you - no matter how wonderful your understanding of viruses and exosomes or your objections to receiving the vaccination, you will in fact have no rights whatsoever and you will be forcibly vaccinated.

Okay, we cringe too, when the Trump Admin raves about being able to get 300,000,000 doses of a corronavirus vaccine ready by January 2021! But have you listened to CNN where they are trying to slaughter the Republican side? So they are doing more than the Biden side can possible do.


See what Joe Biden is really about with the CCP. covered in the first 10 mins or so. Biden is a supporter of China-CCP and is a globalist.

The globalist agenda is the RESET and depopulation, vaccinations, and a World Government which runs the new world like a beehive.

The UN and WHO have begun the 'Covid-19 Law Lab' - Health Laws for the Entire World

'New COVID-19 Law Lab to provide vital legal information and support for the global COVID-19 response'. The reasoning in the video above is an example. 'You are placing the lives of others at risk.' This is how the globalists achieve world government as this legal stuff overrides your elected government. Website -


Forced Detentions because of 'Health Laws' -

1 min.

16 mins

Fake Data And What's Coming. Mastercard Wellness Pass video link under NEWS Africa section.


13th Sign of the Zodiac - The Spider.

The spider catches its prey in its web which it cannot extricate itself from, then springs forward for its attack.

And this is what the spider's plan is - Spider Web Info Links .

The Matrix continue.
The Virus Does Exist continues .


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In ancient literature there are cycles made up of 8 or 9 years each.

The Fourth Turning. This 'wave' of energy is a microcosmic pattern of the larger 26,000 years macro cycle which the ancient world divided into the 4 'cosmic seasons.' At this time, the micro cycle dovetails in with the macro cycle, which at this time is not only Winter but was also called 'Destroyer'.

This reality is also believed to be a story which happened and ended long ago but continues to replay.

It refers to something that the civilization of the human race did long ago. If you see the video on Transhumanism further down in this section - the change of humans altered by nanobot replicating material injected into the body via vaccinations or through patches - you will also see references to some Humai sources.

Bring up the websites and these lead to organizations which offer to upload your consciousness into a computer system so that your life as consciousness can go on forever within that system. It is like what is shown in the movie 'Vanilla Sky'.

Long ago, it is said, there was a time when the entire reality of a world which had caused its own end, uploaded that entire reality of that journey into just such a system, which keeps replaying. The objective was that the people would wake up from their dream state and choose to not only do things differently but to get off this path.


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continues at Academie V >>


Fascism (pron. fash-ism. Fascistic is not a word but if it was it would be pron fash-istic. The term is fascist.)

through Parallel Web Departments etc can now be accessed here.
'Targeted for Termination . ... . War Info Links - facemasks health dangers, CCP, Virus Sting .
Spy Infiltration . ...Weather War, and more.
Materialism . ... .Featured Shows Links . ... .
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Previous Daily Videos page including
Spiritual Topic - How the A.I. Mind came into this Reality (and how to get out of it).
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Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.
Fascism (fash-ism. Fascistic is not a word, but if it was it would be pron fash-istic. The term is fascist.) Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.The governments of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and Adolf Hitler in Germany are examples of fascism. Spain under the rule of Francisco Franco, and Portugal when António de Oliveira Salazar was the head of the government.
Extinction Revolution.
12 mins. on military site.
Previous Daily Videos and news.
Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Foetal Cells As Flavour
Includes Doritos, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Campbells, Cadburys, Maggi, Ocean Spray, Liptons Tea, all coffee creamers etc
Is Italy's and the Vatican's connection to the CCP the reason the virus was allegedly so bad in Italy (proven otherwise and covered in the Italian Parliament) and also in Iran? Italy was full of faked covid data. Plus the countries who had an agenda interest like the UK and the USA - in some States. Many hospitals were empty, and a recent video in Brasil also revealed an empty and perhaps even fake hospital (which had been used in a promoted video to show how bad Brasil's covid was.)
Reference on covid numbers - Italian Politician on Real Death Numbers for Italy 4 mins.
Mass DNA COLLECTION - its not virus testing.
Many countries are collecting DNA samples on a massive scale - Thermo Fisher. Except the US where Trump has said to wind tht back. Is the covid issue used to collect a DNA register as some have suggested? Therefore is covid really in Beijing or does the DNA collection just move from city to city?
12 mins. Hong Kong’s New Nightmare | DNA Testing. Organ Harvesting Tik Tok. China Uncensored.
The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is about ‘finding practical solutions to the use of identity-based hate to polarise societies and undermine democracy’. Imran Ahmed - Chief Executive Officer.
Behavioural Insights Team in partnership with Cabinet Office to influence people's behaviour and make them more fearful without them knowing.
SAGE. Coercion: the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force. Over the course of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, scientific advice to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). SAGE is co-chaired by Sir Patrick Vallance (the Government Chief Science Advisor) and Professor Chris Whitty (the Chief Medical Officer). We have already seen how SAGE has used external advisors to help direct the medical and social response. But the UK government also claims that “many issues around the coronavirus response relate to behaviour”.

Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua.

Conservative Clergy of Color

Intelligent, educated people of colour don't support the vandalism and Marxist goals of BLM. Their voice is censored - because those wealthy 1% who are financing BLM for their agenda, do not want you to hear the reality.
Here is an intelligent website Conservative Clergy of Color and Bishop Aubrey Shines.
What The Left Won't Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism
12 mins. National Pulse. Off Guardian - alternative to Twitter.
Citizen Free Press
Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua.
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The planet pre 780,000 years ago.
Ancient Nuclear War 25,000 years ago.
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The Global mm-VLBI Array, joined by ALMA. The inclusion of ALMA let astronomers determine that Sgr A* occupies a region of space smaller than previously thought and that a jet from this black hole might be pointing in Earth’s direction.



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