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We had access to all the available information on the Hunter Biden laptop as made available via the Chinese news source G News, and many other sources such as National Pulse, and War Room Pandemic. We have to search our chaotic archives to find more, but if we do find more, we will add them. Some of the videos have been taken down my youtube.





More from Hunter Biden's Laptop, and now another associate's cache from direct access to an email account of a connected source too!

And more hard drives from connected sources who were involved. All verified yet mainstream media is saying the Hunter Biden laptop hard drive is 'debunked' - they did not know about the 2nd (and more) laptop sources.

So why are the mainstream media and Big Tech covering up a crime?


Is the world going to watch the mainsteam media not cover this story, Big Tech censor the story, and the law not investigate this? Because

Joe Biden is a National Security Threat

CCP plan to control the US President

The CCP sent a copy to Nancy Pelosi and the DoJ.

Reports say this is an Epstein-style operation that the CCP ran on Hunter Biden in order to control Joe Biden, his father, should Joe win the presidency. However, Joe was already in deals, details of which are being released gradually.

26 mins. Rudi Giuliani


Biden pictures and video show paedophilia as just one aspect -

and the Chinese do have a version of this - which means leverage over the man who wants to be the US President.

10 mins. . This has sub-titles.


Confirmed: Trump Has Footage Of Hunter Biden Raping And Torturing Little Girls — Set To Release

30 mins. *The depth of this story is unlikely to be released before the scheduled debate. The source of this video is not an official source and over the top as all this presenter's work is, but even so, the information is accurate.

Comment from feedback on video. I think the USA, and possibly the entire world, is going through a period right now where it is literally good vs. evil. You have seen it ramping up over the years until 2020 - This has to be the most diabolical, twisted year in decades. This is it. We are against the wall. Political correctness, "diversity training", and all that... have been our indoctrination into slavery. If we let it happen, if we lose this election to the delusional, possessed morons who call themselves Democrats, then it is the end of the United States of America. You've seen what they have planned for us. They aren't even trying to hide it. Everything we hold dear about this country will be wiped away to make way for their Socialist Utopia, which is really another name for Hell On Earth.


Laptop connected to Hunter Biden linked to FBI money laundering probe: Sources

1 min.

Plus repeat of story from 21st Century Wire on money laundering from Dec. 2019.


Joe Does Deny His Son's Laptop Shows the Biden Family Profited from his position.

1 min. Joe states emphatically that there is no truth whatsoever that the Biden family profited from his position. Evidence on the hard drive does show that this is a lie.


Hunter Biden sex romp with Russians leaves the family wide open to Russian blackmail.


Tucker exclusive: Q security clearance ex Navy Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, speaks out on Joe Biden

17 mins.

The Biden laptop is providing absolute proof of corruption that lawyers and prosecuters have said is far beyond even the best of cases to put away criminals.

It is extraordinarily important that Biden does not become president not to mention that he has been involved in stellar levels of criminality at a level that may be the biggest in US history and that he is bought and owned by China to do what China tells him to do. It is bad enough that the 'mainstream media' is not covering this but also many alternative news sources are not doing so!

Are Americans are still going ahead with voting an 'elite capture' CCP agent to the office of US President?


36 mins. ...Covers more than limited to the laptop : Really creepy Joe with young girls, Hillary, Epstein type stuff *see Northern Exposure interview further down. Plus C-19 facilities being built in Melbourne, same as in Canada.

Fairly useful comments from presenter, but his use of language is offensive, also a sudden photo of Bin Laden post shooting (obviously considered fake) but you may not want to see this. The Aussie poltician he is promoting is strangely wearing a poppy in the lapel which is for Nov.11th.


*Those of the cult always accuse others of what they are doing. Remember that, because that will tell you what they are doing.


Next on the table is a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Especially During US Election Chaos.

Updated : Biden had a deal with the CCP to allow them to invade Taiwan without a response from the USA.

Warning Graphic Pics from the laptop.....

Malia Obama, Hunter Biden and Cocaine?

6 mins. More on Obama dirty secrets in the Featured video. This presenter is unaware that people have been dealt with because there are still fish to catch.

Pics of Malia Obama in this shown from G News. Extremely graphic. Mahia's ID verified.

And more released minutes ago. Lady Gaga, Gal Gadot, Cara Delevingne, Gal Gadot actually shown in compromising live footage - maybe the Chinese source did not know who she was. Also live and fully kompromat of Hunter with his 14 yo step daughter.



Regime change operations in Libya, Ukraine and Syria, the 'colour revolution' features of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and calls for a military coup against Donald Trump.

Video interview - 45 mins :


Canada is going fully RESET New Order - it's gone - it also has a high CCP influence.

!!Heads up!! Canada is building C-19 camps. Get ready

Access at 4.11 for all links etc -

5 mins start at 4.11


2 programmes you may like to follow up on.

Actionable Intelligence

w/ Eric Greitens Real America TV - It is Your Republic IF You Can Keep It.


Next show scheduled for Oct. 22nd -


Northern Exposure

- for UK Column - on Samantha Baldwin who is fighting the courts to get her 2 sons back from their abuser.


Biden is China's Candidate for the US Presidency.

All really good content.


Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/16/20 FULL | Tucker Carlson Tonight October 16, 2020

Covers meetings and emails from another source which prove the meeting at the Obama WH took place. The kill or be killed CCP society - exploring fentanyl to Americans.

39 mins.


After the Presidential Debates Yet Again Questions to Biden Came From Democrats even those who work for him.

Further Proof Presidential Debate Commission is Rigged: Chairman is

Co-Founder of Top “Color Revolution” Org Linked to Steele Dossier and More - Revolver.News article

The new world that Biden Supports. Forced Abortions. Forced Euthanasia.

Why They Want Abortions

Listen to the panic and horror in democrat speaker Chuck Schumer, commenting that if Trump gets in there will no longer be abortion. Why does this matter so much? Aborted foetuses and blood is used for the other 'elixirs' the cult uses along with adrenochrome.



This story is stlli not up on the BBC website but was published in the Daily Mail. CNN is debunking it.

BOMBSHELL: Giuliani blows the cover off the Hunter Biden 'conspiracy'

11 mins. New email confirms Joe gets paid from son's takings. The CCP has the photos and can use them as leverage to influence Biden if he became president. Rudi Giuliani's website. (Rudi is a smart man, worth paying attention.)

The Biden Criminal Family. Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 78

38 mins.


The CCP's Ownership of Joe Biden


Kompromat and - Massive TREASON.

Unravelling now in real time............

A Biden Presidency is a Vote for the New World Order - and Hillary back as Secretary of Defense.

Biden is following the covid-Davos-CCP strategy which is a non pandemic called a pandemic, leading to Lockdowns - which Joe has said he will do - which are to destroy businesses and destroy the economy. In fact it is the destruction of your entire culture - every culture on the planet - to be replaced by a very, very different reality.

Testimony - Tony Bobulinski held press event claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter's business deals

7 mins.

Joe Biden MISTAKE may PROVE he CHEΛTED in Debate

1 min

Why is a vote for Joe a vote to bring in the NWO?

This is a world civilization issue not just about those voting in the US. We are not American and normally would not care who became the president. But this is about voting in someone and his entourage and handlers, who are in bed with hostile foreign powers who seek to introduce not only control of the US government, but of the entire world. In other words, it is treason.

Already this agenda is rushing ahead in the UK, also in NZ - voted in by a low information, low awareness population - and once the US goes, there is nowhere to go for freedom.

Firstly. all candidates were eliminated so that it would be Joe, and Joe has said he will have lockdowns, and will defer to organizations regarding Health issues and Climate Change issues. That alone gives power to non elected, privately funded organizations and that is it, that is the key strategy. The public simply need to keep believing there is a serious virus and to have important information censored so they do no know about it.

When lockdowns first came in I didn't know there was a lockdown. The city was empty and someone told me! I knew there was a virus but had other things occupying my life.

So in March 2020 the first thing I did was monitor the cases and deaths worldwide - simple enough for anyone to do. Clearly tthere was not as much happening as being reported. However, the situation in Aged Care Homes was clearly questionable, and a US Senator who was also an MD was interviewed detailing that instructions had been given to fill in death certs as covid deaths.

Then there were 'do not resusitate' orders; preventing people by law from getting the medicines which could help them overcome coronvirus; and issues about payments to put people on ventilators from which some 80% of such patients died. Then other doctors and specialist virologists and epidemiogists spoke out too.

I was clear somehing else was taking place -and if you look a what is happening now in October 2020 you can clearly see it is. That includes massive media and big tech censorship of information, and a criminal linked to the Davos-CCP agenda likely to be voted in as the next US President - a CCP controlled and owned president.

Yet those behind this great reset of the world and massive depopulation agenda, do believe they own this reality and this is their next stage. Their reality is Anti-Christ, atheist, with satanic rituals and human sacrifice, and a very real ancient way of living which hose involved with considered 'normal behaviour'. It should be remembered that people who went over to the new Americas were escaping witchcraft. In a once 'golden age' which presented hope, people had escaped and been saved from that. But 'they' came back.

This is the unfolding story following on afer the final debate :



(about my family criminal enterprise) 8 mins.

(Ref : Money laundering story from Dec 2019 - repeat of story from 21st Century Wire

Biden ‘panders’ to a radical ideology which poses a ‘severe threat’ to civilisation. It questions the foundations of the liberal order, including the validity of equality, the neutral principles of constitutional law, and it assumes racism is present in every situation, etc.

Apart from depopulation and DNA alteration through vaccination, there is also an intention to create a blended 'race of tan' - which 'answers' the so called inherent racisim of 'critical race theory'. It is again, a strategy to lead to the implementation of the 'race of tan'.

13 mins.


Average voters in discussion trying to make up their minds about voting for Trump or Biden.

The first point is the woman (in this discussion) who believes there cannot be any economic recovery until they 'control covid'. In the US anyone can check the covid stats and the surviva rate is 99.9% and more and clearly see that you will survive it. This means this lady is not checking and only relying on the info given out through the mainstream media.

Then the man who says there needs to be an increase in the minimum wage. Where does he think this money comes from? People are losing their businesses because of the lockdowns, they cannot afford to pay staff and many cannot even keep their businesses operational - which means the jobs go. The problem - or greatest asset - of the NWO which will take away all your freedoms - is the low information, low awareness voter, such as those who have just voted in the NWO in New Zealand.

In NZ the army and police have been training secretly to bring in martial law. This was discovered and reported to the people and presented a God given opportunity for the NZ people to save their country from the Davos RESET plan, which their PM is 100% part of - and the people did not take the chance they had.

14 mins.


Various countries interfering in US Election.

Iran is partnered with CCP. If these countries are doing this then it helps Biden. Strange comments from Schiff

8 mins.
If these countries are doing this then it helps Biden. Strange comments from Schif


The Big tech Firewall of the free world - censoring information the people have the right to know.

6 mins.

Tucker Carlson - The Lie and the Story being Covered Up.

Starts at 22 to 27 end of Glen Grenwald interview. Taken down.

5 mins.


Al Jazeera 'English Reporter' on Ghislaine Maxwell states that her father Robert Maxwell was born in the former Czechoslovakia and says 'which is now the Ukraine'. It isn't! Ukraine has always been Ukraine and Czechoslovkia is now the Czech Republic near to Poland and Hungary.


2020 Election Edge


Film -'Riding the Dragon' -

Biden's Financial Dealings with the CCP.

41 mins.


Chaos, Social Media, Internet Shutdowns Planned - Our new email.

It is possible that on or maybe before Nov 3rd gmail, yahoo and hotmail type accounts may all be unavailable so that information cannot be shared even by email.

It is suggested that so people across the alternative news community can stay in touch to get news on what is happening on elecion night, that they get a safer email address that will not become unavailable. We are therapeutae at

Free independent email account


NEW video on the New Digital Economy and

...........................More on the Hard drive from Hell.

The 'post carbon world......humans are carbon'.

A China dissendent site released some of the Hunter Biden tapes this weekend. The BGY is the Blue-Gold-Yellow (Dragons) Plan.

18-20 CIA agents were given up to the CCP in China and murdered or imprisoned between 2010 and 2012. If this is confirmed it is of great significance.

There are a few sources who have the actual HARDDRIVE and two sources hav eall of it, (National Pulse and War Room Pandemic bu also the Chinese Lude source). Some others have some of it because it has so much material to it - like everything! These are America1 News, Just he News, Gateway Pundit. We report from those who HAVE the actual HARD DRIVE.

The Hunter Biden scandal

- by the son's actions alone compromise Joe as the son is open to being blackmailed - kompromat and the BGY Plan.

lt also involves under age girls, torture of said girls, and posing a danger to a young girl which has since been taken to the Delaware police. "Sources close to and with deep knowledge of the investigation, have informed me that Chris Coons' DAUGHTER in addition to seven other underage girls are also featured on [Hunter Biden's] laptop."

Also Hunter Biden sex romp with Russians leaves the family wide open to Russian blackmail. Links later on.

Zuckerburg is in one of the emails in on some of the deals..............

It is understood that those of the cult-world leadership pedophilia and also - as shown in other videos on previous pages - practice 'sex magick' to manifest, which is what eventually leads to the rest of it. A diary alleged to be that of Joe Biden's daughter Ashley details inapproprite showers she used to have with him when she was a child.

The Democrats want to change the election process, already with the attempts for ballot fraud, then to change the rules so large populated States like California can wipe out the voters of small States, and also change rules that ensure their party is permanently in power.

There is more fake news through the internet, podcasts, youtubes, and nut job broadcasts, proven by the censorship by the providers of these services. It is the old style physical newspaper reporting via NY Post that has provided real news, along with credible sources on the internet!

The QFS system is hopefully a 'good side' version of what the Reset is because it is basically the same thing. It is backed by gold, but the system requires satellites around the planet as the off planet source - and therefore cannot be the '5th Realm'.


Covid-19 is the Surprise 'Pearl Harbour Attack' - that Many People Have Not Yet Realised Has Happened.

It is understood that in these days of internet information overload, people are having to learn to read again. But reading through material is the way to get to real information. Plus there is a new movie you can watch - further down.

For generations, each new young generation has been gradually reprogrammed into acceping what is in reality the 'sat-anic' or witchcraft view of reality, via Hollywood films, its 'stars', and via music especially music videos, as brainwashing to make what is ultimately extremely opposite consciousness, become accepted. It has been behavioural programing throughout.

The information provided on Hunter Biden's laptop shows without question criminal, unethical, amoral actions. Biden, and also 'Franklin Templeton Investments' - money laundering through the Ukraine and deals with the CCP coming soon.

Plus story from 21st Century Wire

The Story the Corrupt Mainstream Media is not Covering - Brought to You Directly from Hunter Biden's Laptop.

Trump is a capitalist property developer who ran for office because he did not agree with how the USA was being handled.

Biden and others, Hillary, Obama and a host of military and senators etc are Globalists and SWAMP creatures who have been making deals with enemy countries to make themselves exceptionally rich - and never thought an outsider would be voted into their until then, totally controlled system.

Miranda Devine - NY Post -

7 mins,

‘Biden family corruption’ story censored by tech giants shows they are ‘not neutral’.

3 mins.

Tucker Carlson

- begins with Biden corruption continues with Silicon Valley oligarchs doing whatever they please and with no rules but their own to censor information.


Covid 19 was the Pearl Harbour surprise attack of the 21st century - by the cult and its 'doom goblins'.

Great RESET intention in the UK and taking place is

- The Abolition of the Electorate.

A Positive Covid Test is NOT a Case.

Even if you have travel restictions in the UK but MP's can travel - you need

your MP's to be in parliament to argue and fight against the outright lies of the government which is acting without parliamentary discussion. Matt Hancock LIED when he said there had been a study into Vit D for Covid and Vit D showed no benefit. There was no study. There are MPs with high integrity and you need their voice - people like Dan Cardin.

The Labour Party is just telling its MP's not to vote but some MP's are voting by their conscience.


If you didn't see the next video before Youube took it down - here is a new copy.

Story not yet verified. Could be actors, we will see what unfolds. Could be a set up for the Republicans.

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

29 mins


Book . ... . New Movie Trailer . ... . Watch the Movie.

The people involved in trying to control the world believe they are untouchable.

NEW BOOK - The Russia Lie


The Plot Against The President - Official Trailer #1 - Coming Oct 2020

3 mins.

WATCH FULL MOVIE on Movies Plus!


Many people are not aware of what is happening. If you are in the US and want to help with an election that could bring in the NWO, this is a great organization.

Trump signed an Executive Order to Plant a Trillion Trees Across the Planet.


The new b/s mantra is 'Build Back Better' -

The same b/s slogan is adopted in the UK but also by Biden, Canada, and even Imran Khan PM of Pakistan (who is in major debt to the CCP) saying their new slogan 'Build Back Better' - all the bad players introducing the NEW World Order aka RESET - which is RESETANIC - scheduled to begin in January 2021.

However, nothing really bad happened to build back from -

except the idiot policy for lockdowns. All these government slogans and accompanying scripts

appear to have been written by George Soros -

see current UK Column further down.

Prince Charles is producing videos that are supporting the green economy and Climate Change.

He also speaks at Davos and spouts out the nonsense, shown on the Challenging the NWO video below. This is also why it is important to know what the new world government and religion are aligned to, including the Adrenochrome rituals. *See below. This is the reversed polarity world about to establish its authority.

People have commented that Prince Charles appears to be embracing nature based religions - as the secret cult does probably similar to Wicca. As the future king of the UK - or perhaps it is the new RESET region of England - and head of the Anglican Church it is unacceptable that his views are satanic.

Also the British government is telling people they must train into new jobs that suit the RESET (resetanic) world of no arts and culture, and music and theatre etc.


FEATURED VIDEO. Recommended.

Challenging the New World Order (CIC 2020)

Re-imagining everything about the world into the image of George Soros and co.

25 mins The Wake Up choice that is the New Satanic World Order.

Re-imagining the everything about the world in the image of George Soros and co.

If you watched the video above, linked in the Wake Update, this video is Super Recommended.

TRUMPING POLITICS - Trump is Standing in the Way of the New World Order.

35 mins. - If Biden wins then the world has the NEW WORLD ORDER -

as this speaker says, yes, we do have to fight against this............ even if we die.


The RESET states that there is a tiny window of opportunity to change the world entirely because of the trouble the virus created.

But the virus provided no reason whatsoever to close down countries.

The world's top Epidemiologists from Oxford, Yale and Stanford, state that the virus is very modest for 99.996% of the entire world population, and does not warrant lockdowns as a strategy.

While it is good that various doctors who are not epidemiologists provide helpful comment on the vaccine issue, those who medical training are in osteopathy or family practice or gynecology etc, are not qualified in the matter of vaccines.

There is very helpful information on the RNA structure of the proposed vaccine, as well as the inclusion of Luciferase which will show up under light to show if you have been vaccinated. Passing on information amongst your own like-minded groups is one thing, but it needsto reach other types of people too.

However, authorities will only accept the word of the most prestigious Epidemiologists but even with this the Barrington Declaration has been removed from some google searches in some countries, and a Yale professor of epidmiology was challenged by a CNN news anchor as if this professor does not know what he was talking about. Most everyday people will respond positively to well presented, credible, well presented sources. However, the people do have this information and have listened.

'They' are still brazenly carrying on with nonsensical statements about the covid 'tragedy' - but it is the lockdowns and reponse to this mild virus that has caused tragedy. A 99.997% survival world wide is not a 'tragedy'. That is why governments should be sued, or face lawsuits, and why all ministers who participated in this response should be removed from office immediately, and people should be calling for this. They are there to serve the people not rule over them.

One way or another, via useful information sources, we now do all know about the bad stuff in vaccinations, and we know about the draconian laws to force you to wear a mask, to arrest you in your home, and mandatory vaccinations, but what you need to do now is KNOW HOW TO STOP the agenda itself.


Why They Want Abortions

Listen to the panic and horror in democrat speaker Chuck Schumer, commenting that if Trump gets in there will no longer be abortion. Why does this matter so much? Aborted foetuses and blood is used for the other 'elixirs' the cult uses along with adrenochrome.

Meanwhile the US Economy is now Back to Where it Was in January,

with Huge Numbers of New Jobs Created and Better Wages for Everyone.


SS Dan Andews premier of Victoria has been caught out by Peta Credlin.

WHO spokesman says the WHO Does NOT recommend lockdowns.

7 mins. WHO saying No to lockdowns at about 5 mns. Or here - World Health Organisation has 'reversed its position on lockdowns'


Government Scripts appear to have been written by George Soros

see current UK Column


It is Possible Chinese Troops on the US Borders After the US Election -

Called for through the UN based on expected violence.

This type of scenario is predicted in the quatrains of NOSTRADAMUS.


Since the Great Reset can apparently instantly create a healthy planet

then that can be done right now anyway - without having to make this a world of dictatorship and controlled slaves. It will stop as soon as the swamp is cleared and the RESET doom goblins are removed from their 'economic forums'.

But that does not mean that everyone wants to move onto the land, buy their clothes from op shops and start meditating, even if the 'quantum frequencies' influence others. Not all people want to live on the land no matter how peaceful or healthy growing your own gardens may be, nor do they want to return to tribal ways of living. That is not what a future world is going to be because people do not want that. That is just another way of imposing a world view onto others.

That too, is not the world that all people want.

There are good people in government who have been hindered by people full of greed, corruption, and a long time plan to 'control the world'. Some people have the abilities to run economies that suit all people - they will be there to do that. They are the ones who are right now, are bringing the evil down. You are helping them.


As the morons rioting in Portland continue, currently pulling down statues on Indigenous Day - 13,000 years ago in an ancient war at the time taught by Plato as Atlantis, the people who lived there long ago but were driven out, returned to their homeleand to estalish today's America, Bill of Rights and Constitution.

The false teaching of History has led to pulling down the statue of Columbus. However, when he and others arrived in the Americas they found existing slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice.

The reversed consciousness does not know it is reversed, because the reversed source is their source.

This is a battle taking place in the world where murder is considered okay to achieve the goal, as recently happened in Denver or that the NY governor sent people with covid to Aged Care Homes.

There are people out there now clearly tearing down the civilization we have - tearing down the real America, the statues of its heros, and changing its Constitution - that tells you what is really taking place with a democrat win.

What do you think that is telling you?

And it is the democrat agenda. They are also trying to do the same in the UK, in Europe and in Sth America. These people want the new world under the new source.

Walk Away Campaign


China Whistleblower Dr. Yan Releases New Report Claiming Coronavirus Is ‘Laboratory Product’

Bioweapon or not, or the virus does not appear to have been overly deadly with a 99.996% survival rate.

It is not a pandemic but the word pandemic was changed in recent times to only mean it appears in most countries of the world. It is in no sense the same meaning as when the Spanish 'Flu really was a pandemic.

It is some kind of bioweapon that was being developed as such, but only targets the elderly and those with particular health conditions. It is understood that the people in China who want freedom from the CCP would like action against the CCP. However, there is action in the form of cutting ties and that is good.

For the western countries being taken over under the cover of a covid 'threat' it is more important to show that the virus is an annoyance we all will have to learn to live with but it does NOT warrant Health Passports, Vaccinations and other restricions.

Trump has done something really helpful in showing that covid is manageable can esily be treated.

Also world authority epidemiologists from across the world, have created and signed a petition to a show that this virus needs normal medical care and is manageable. Signing the petiton shows that the people do NOT WANT what some governments are trying to force upon them.

Great Barrington Declaration - petition

Important - The Great Barrington Declaration

This is important action you can take. - 2 videos - an alternative approach to WHO for treating Covid. Sign the petition -

Currently the WHO and complying governments have made it illegal to get the simple and safe medicines that successfully treat covid in the early stages -

This is almost the same as manslaughter. Government has NO PLACE in medical issues at all and certainly not in dictating medical matters.

As you know, washing your hands kills the virus. *If you feel you may have the virus and cannot get the simple antibiotics etc that governments have inexplicably banned, it is a safe bet that you can kill the virus early enough by rinsing your nasal passages with sal water. There are sea water sprays you can get and also the Neti pot practices.

The definition of PANDEMIC was reclassified to cover something that was never considered a pandemic before.That is. make somehing sound much worse than it would have been considred before. There is no comparison between the 'covid pandemic' which is very minor, and a real pandemic as Spanish 'Flu was.

In Malaysia, even when the coronavirus first took off in March, we have never seen any fear, people have not been afraid to go out once the lockdown was eased, we do have a couple of silly rules in place but they are more of an annoyance, and the police are not attacking people. I went shopping every day of the lockdown although there were only a few shops open.

Of course it is for an agenda, there is far too much that was pre organised - like sending covid cases to Aged Care Homes and instructing doctors on how to fill in death cerificates, and actually preventing people getting the simple medicines that easily kill the virus - that is suspicious isn't it.

Hopefuly as more information reaches all people in western countres this will fade away as an unsuccessful attempt to introduce an agenda - which is targeting western countries first. Do the right thing now - get information out - and none of the sci-fi vaccines etc will take place.

But there is no question that the media is giving a false narrative in Australia, NZ, the UK and with the major channels in the USA, not to mention Google, Facebook, and Twitter etc which are actively censoring information. That issue should be resolved by changing the status of social media expected at the end of October.

In addition, previously respected medical journals like The Lancet and JAMA have also published false infomation that has aided this operation.



Facebook deleting QAnon pages - But what is it?

BBC video on QAnon. This is a BBC production trying to discredit QAnon. 2 mins.


The Phenomenon (2020) | Trailer HD 2 mins. CMovie can be downloaded from Oct. 6th.

Is this being publicised now as the scenario given in 'Behold a Pale Horse' by Bill Cooper? Read the Extract from this book. The UFO videos etc were all released earlier in 2020 at the same time as covid was first an issue. Why?


The Permanent Coup

Vatican and Washington Swamp merger to oust Trump. Doc. 302 - 7 mins.



Two very important videos - please share

N.Y. Post Says It Obtained Hunter Biden Emails on Ukraine

These emails plus photos, audio, and videos etc come from the hard drive of Hunter Biden's computer which he took in for repair early in 2019 and did not return to collect.

3 mins

*** See 'Riding the Dragon' - Biden's Financial Dealings with the CC on Featured Shows

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

29 mins. This was taken down - new copy. Story not yet verified. Could be actors, we will see what unfolds.


Twitter and Facebook have actively stepped in to block the Biden story -

to ensure the people will not see it. By what right do they get away with making decisions on what people get to see - where is 'Freedom of the Press'?

Published in NY Post a Rupert Murdoch paper - yet censored by F/B and Twitter - by journalist Miranda Devine.

11 mins.

NY Post to 'release bombshell expose' linking Hunter Biden to Chinese business deals


Current World



Compromising material that a State may have set up so it can blackmail or control you. As an example, former royal Harry may have been set up for 'compromat'.

Cultural Marxism -

in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.


 (fash-ism. Fascistic is not a word, but if it was it would be pron fash-istic. The term is fascist.) Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.The governments of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and Adolf Hitler in Germany are examples of fascism. Spain under the rule of Francisco Franco, and Portugal when António de Oliveira Salazar was the head of the government.
Featured Shows
Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.
*This also covers John Podesta who is named in the PAEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0 on Featured Shows link.



Unwanted Body Fat Programme


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