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You Are Being


Bizarre behaviour by some Police

- Aggressive Arrests, Kneeling for BLM etc,

are the Result of 'Special Training' Courses.

Soon to be for everyone - who wants to have a job. continue


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These pages continue with a look at what is happening in this world - a 'false reality'.


Black UK flag issue noted by UK Column.

British Police Behaving Badly - Wearing BLACK UK Flag Badges -

arrest 73 year old Scientist Piers Corbyn

in Sheffield on Saturday Sept. 5th.

UK Column 1 hour show -


Arrests in UK and Australia Demonstrate

Desensitised police after 'diversity training'

which has changed personality.

There are questions now if these police in Australia and the UK have been given the new vaccine or patch? Are they actually still fully human?

Australians are Wondering What Has Gone Wrong with Victoria's Police.

Australians have never witnessed behaviour such as is now happening with their police before. What is wrong with these police? Running over a protestor, kicking a man in the head, smashing a car window to drag a girl out of car, wrestling a girl to the ground because she isnt wearing a face mask (and has a medical exception).

3 mins.


A Massive Brainwashing Training Programme Eventually For Everyone -

Beginning with Police, Military, Politicians and Civil Servants etc

has been underway for some time including for children at school who are also being taught revised and false history andirrelevan, nonsense subjecs even for their degrees. Chinese people are not taught abou wha happened at Tiananmen Square.For Americans a and western schools, the events of 9/11 are not taught.

An example of this revised history is given in the book 'Silent Invasion' by Clive Hamilton. The subsidised book which covers the Australian War Memorial on sale in its bookshop at under $3 explains about 'Chinese Anzacs' and that Chinese arrived with the First Fleet in 1788 - apparently as Chinese Marines and as Chinese convicts deported from the UK to the then penal colony. *There were no Chinese people in the First Fleet.


Hypnotism is clearly Demonstrated in the Unhinged Behaviour of Mayors in the US who have also Undergone the same Behavioural Modification in 'Diversity Training'

UK Column looks at the malevelant use of NLP - Neuro Linguist Programming - to reframe your interpretation of reality.


From Magic To Madness - The Government's NLP Assault on Our Minds



"Population wide behaviour change techniques were promoted in the UK Cabinet Office’s 2010 document Mindspace: Influencing Behaviour Through Public Policy. Behaviour change (modification) has been widely adopted by the UK State as a means of controlling the populace.

So successful was the subsequent “nudge unit” that the UK State later privatised it, forming the Behavioural Insights Team. This enabled them to make a profit by selling their behaviour change expertise to other States, similarly seeking to control their own people". Off-Guardian


One of these training programmes/courses is this -

Behavioural Insight programmes for 'reframed thinking'

- training by 'Common Purpose'.

A spokesperson for the new one dimensional world - expresses her amazement and apparent delight at how 'the world is changing' - meaning people losing their jobs and businesses and being locked up in their homes.

You already know that this is part of the RESET and Behavioural Insight programming for the scam known as the Davos Economic Forum *see doco on this at Academie-Economy linked below, detailing how Klaus and co, plan to skim the cream from a new economic model. You also know how recent generations have been brain trained and 'educated' with revised history and revised information. What some of us would know is an elementary level of education is now degree level. These are to be the 'future leaders'.

This is from the 'Common Purpose' website which is the brain training of the Reset. UK Column recommends checking this site. The most obvious attributes of the new deal is how limited and one dimensional it is. Is the world going to be stuck with 'leaders' like this person?

2 mins.How the Green New Deal Reset is Training Up Tomorrow's 'Future Leaders' for 'Resilient Cities' - message from Adi Sengupta - This is showing one of their programmes for 'tomorrows leaders' stuff. (Training up more brainwashed Doom Goblins with 'bright new ideas' for this 'exciting' new future. Davos rip off plan on 'academie economy' link.)


Does the New World Agenda know that neither Biden or Harris will be US President. There will not be a USA anymore...........

Some books were found in the Library of Congress in 2017 written in the late 19h century, one is about a boy named Baron Trump (the name of Trump's young son) and another 'The Last President' which also mentions a hotel on 5th Ave, New York at the exact same address as Trump Tower.

Trump may be the last President of the USA.

The current Democratic Playbook to Steal the Election details disruption of and after the election which will lead to no inauguration on Jan 20th. By heta time the USA is expected to be in disarray. Thereafter the current CCP-Davos-globalist elite, and associated coup d'etat will lead to the New Global Order - if the plan works. This is also indicated in sources which have knowledge of the plan - possibly from the last time this played out.


Any so called 'leader' who answers to a supercomputer is not a Leader.

This is the classic status of obeying what is considered to be higher authority when it is clearly destroying people's lives, and killing people. A classic case of behavioural programming. This is what Dan Andrews in Victoria is doing. He should resign or be removed.


More News

China’s dictatorship ‘getting more aggressive, hostile and ready for war’

6 mins.


Trump calling out Biden's pandering to China : plus Comments on the Transition Integrity document.

6 mins. The Transition Integrity Project is not only Demcrats but ohers involved in the planned change in collaboration with the CCP. Most of these people have become very, very rich by collaborating with the CCP.




Behavioural Insight Team is one such government think tank which exists to alter and control thinking and behaviour.

Headlines continue


'The Situation in the World Today is a Spiritual Issue because everyone is responsible for what this reality becomes.'

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> Academie Economy The Great Reset from the Economic Forum.

The Plan to Change the US Constitution. And the Occupying Military.

The CCP - globalist.elite Marxist-Leninist World Domination.

Featured Shows


Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.

*This also covers John Podesta who is named in the PAEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0 on Featured Shows link.

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Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.
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