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New Wake Up

For the 'spiritual' side, again the circumstances are that this planet, and its 'spiritual realms', is being pulled off its axis into a second energy stream,

the energy stream of a twin star system of which one sun/star has already exploded, and the 2nd one, although bright now, is also going to explode. For this reason the spiritual path for the True Self, which is the soul, is to find out how to get off this planet and to the safety of the eternal energy stream which is a different star system that is not going to explode.

The twin star system energy stream is Sirius A and B. The True Eternal energy stream is the 'Tree of Life'.

The problem seems to be understanding the energy stream this planet and consciousness are aligning into, the Path of Duality. Good and Evil. The dark side is that of the exploded star - the 'dark star' - and even those who have travelled astrally to it still find that there is 'love'. However, it is the side of death and those who have gone into reversal. The good side of that same path has good things, including Love, but is a less intense level of Love and of power than the eternal energy stream that you need to be able to get to. Astral Travel is also a problem issue,  because the exit point, as also with death, is a portal aligning to the wrong path, which includes the current 'spiritual realms' of the planet.  

Once you create energy ties with that energy stream (the one the planet is currently pulled into) through spiritual practices which go to the source of the angle the planet is currently aligned in, or through having accepted reversal, or for a multitude of other reasons, then you have to again clear those karmic ties before that force will ever let you go. As the planet will be correcting itself and moving away from those ties, that will have to be accomplished next time round. It will again be very difficult to understand why 'spiritual practices' are taking you to the wrong source, so best to get an understanding of it now.

So it is as simple as that, and yet the hardest thing in the world.

Anyone who aligns with the True Self level - and also the 'good' side of the wrong energy stream - moves to the 'clockwise' side of the 'Divide'.  That refers to what is happening with the planet now, not how it will be at a future time when you and it will fall into the negative again.   But for this time now, it is exciting. 

The change to a clockwise rotation does happen to this planet, but the timing for it happening could be imminent. It will be an exciting time when it does happen.

When the planet does stop then change rotation, that is the way you are 'marked' and the 'Dividing of the Ways' written about. For those who 'marked' themselves as the negative reverse, they remain there, which means they go no further. Presumably these ones will die off from the planet, because they are not going to be able to resonate with a planet rotating with a 'positive charge'.

This is a 'positive charge' planet. It was not a planet marked for elimination. The problem began when a chunk of the exploded planet landed here. Because it is part of a dead world 'Osiris' is always trying to take it into the 'Realm of the Dead'. The chunk of rock is part of 'Osiris'.  It was a planet marked for elimination. 

But this planet never had any part of being what the current world is, and those who belong with the 'negative' only got here because this planet temporarily passes through the 'negative'. This means all kinds of ordinary everyday people who are just not as 'developed' as other levels of humans here. Regardless of the 'current consciousness' - which is the satanic programming (and that means reverse) - it is up to each person, male and female, to be aware of a higher personal standard. The level of your personal standards is basically a 'test' of your value as a human being.

Those who go with the current world are those who have gone backwards. They should never have been on this planet.

Any people who are existing in the 'negative, reverse' but who managed to get into this planet, are people who became the 'waste product' of the galactic body. The 'negative reverse' is the body's waste removal function. It's bowels. There is a great deal of literature which describes these ones as 'swine' (pigs) and that even giving them information to lift themselves out of it is 'pearls before swine'. So what is written here is factual and known.

This all refers to those who went completely into reverse, and those who are not, and have never been, from a higher level world.




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