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The Lesser Light 'Doorway'

into an 'Other World' Spirit Realm.


Jesus does appear in some of the Islamic Teachings and is recognized as one of 5 significant Masters and is recognized as a significant 'messenger' and Master.

However, being a Master, spiritual teacher, 'messenger', or miracle worker, was not His mission.

Things like 'giving sight to the blind' may be a big deal to the person having the eyesight restored, but otherwise mean nothing! Jesus did more than that.

He returned something that had remained unseen for thousands of years.

Being a good, gentle person who gave a few good lectures about 'God's message', achieved some healing successes, and did a few miracles, is not good enough to qualify as anything particularly special. It just isn't.

If it was, there would not be all the questions and doubts, and wondering about it.

Jesus taught something that is the most important information in existence

in this reality, and that related to escaping from the 'Tomb' and returning to True God Source.

Spiritually the inner journey continues passed the first encounter with an 'other world' spirit realm of light, and continues onwards back into another void of darkness and through a 'wilderness'. Complete darkness, so how do you find it?

That is why eventually you need the inner 'Way Show-er' - which can only be the Christos because the Christ is the Christ Door. As we have done this, and encountered but moved passed the false 'other world', the information on that is not a 'belief'.

His mission was to show those who had enough inner development, how to ignore that first contact with 'light' and continue along a very dark no Light void which is broken and disconnected in the 3rd Eye - until eventually being shown the True Portal to the True 'Heaven'. Most get caught in the first sighting of light, a portal, and an 'other world' spirit realm.

Why do you think that the 'lesser light' - the 'false light' - is even mentioned, and warned about?!

Why else would people go into it, other than they didn't know?




The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion. Guidelines and Protocols of the Christ Practice.

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