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The Christ Teaching

warns to keep away from everything that binds you into forming energy cords into the wrong portal.


The Christ Way begins at the 6th chakra/3rd eye upwards.

Therefore, nothing perceived there is anything but the entry to another Realm, which is always assumed to be 'heaven'.

It is however, the first Portal/Door within the Tomb - easily seen because it is light - and which leads into the Lower Realm Energy Stream/Osiris/Path of 'Life and Death', of satan which means opposite of True, and devil (d'evil) which means reverse of life/living.

This is the most difficult aspect for people to understand. This is not the top of the tree. It is a side door. It is the bottom of a Higher Tree - a wrong turn even though it appears direct (because of the 666 off angle alignment) - which makes it the beginning entry level which must be ignored, and you then continue on to finding a different Door - the Christ Door. Even Plato was very clear that it is the shadow realm, which people mistake for the real Light. And unbelieveably, they keep on doing it!

We do our best to make this point - but this is the point which the Christ made. Maybe you are right and He was wrong!

The first Portal/Door encountered is the False Path into the Astral Realm of the Lower Universe which is the 2nd energy stream - Sirius/Osiris.

Because it is full of spirit contact, light (Lucifer means light) and other appearances of the way to another realm, it has all the appearances of having 'made it'.

It is the Deception - the same as the false lights used by the wreckers in the 18th century, to cause ships to crash on the rocks so they could be plundered.

The overwhelming belief and conviction that 'psychic' experiences are 'spiritual gifts' and signs of the 'spirit world/higher development' leads to energy connections into the energy stream which provides those experiences - and forces souls to be reborn in this false reality (because of the binding energy ties). It is the reason those who were developed enough to choose the positive, True God Source, are misdirected and return over and over again to the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

This is the misalignment in the head caused by the Fall to the left. The False Portal/Door is over to the left and accesses the 'Left Hand Path' - same angle as the Fall.


The Christ Way begins at the 3rd Eye and goes upwards

but is difficult to find because it is now hidden in darkness and out of alignment. The lower 6 chakras belong to the Lower Realm and the physical body, despite having an energy circuit etc, is not part of the Higher Realm or world.

Trying to bring chakras into alignment with the 3rd Eye/6th chakra onwards, would obviously be a primary error, as this is where the problem is. The lowest level of this Way involves all the appearances of contact from a 'spirit realm' and 'psychic gifts' because they issue from an energy path/stream from and into the Astral Universe, Path of the Dead, the lower world (which this reality, and the body, are part of).

The first teaching of the Way is to ignore all of this.

If you are capable of doing that and following the Christ Way procedures you will eventually be in contact with the Living Source which will lift you out of this realm. This applies even if the planet's change to the Ascending Phase. You still have to do what is needed.

The dead (life and death) energy stream leads into the Lower Universe via a portal/door within the 3rd Eye. These energy connections become binding and difficult to extricate from because they are magnetic - including channelling, energy healing, various energy activating practices even through exercises, practices of ancient religions etc. Try to keep clear of people channelling so called biblical figures, or other entities etc.

The 'wrong' portal refers to the entry point to the 'spirit world' accessed from the physical body at death, as pyschic experiences and as 'astral travel'. It leads into the magnetic realms.

All original Christian based religions warn against 'spiritualism'.

This has has to be understood and corrected long before the change into the Ascending Phase - so that corrections can be made. This is why people do not leave the 'wheel of rebirth' yet thought they had.


The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'. Guidelines and Protocols of the Christ Practice.

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The God Source Guidelines to Living in the Higher Realm

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