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The 'Once Upon a Time' Planet -



Humans Once Saw a Bigger World.


Human DNA is greatly reduced from what it once was. This missing DNA is often referred to as 'junk DNA'.

Accessing psychic phenomena, communications with entities, astral beings etc, are not 'spiritual gifts' and not associated with missing strands of DNA. There is nothing 'extra' about these things which can be reproduced digitally.

The soul body is not DNA. Life and reality on a planet however, is DNA. The higher level planet was a lighter version of the fallen, density version.

DNA is how the body, which experiences this world, is constructed and processes frequencies in the brain to present what you see as the world around you.

Once upon a time, humans with a full quota of DNA, processed frequencies which the brain translated into a bigger world. A greater experience than this world is. This was the original bigger planet which was called Tara pronounced with an Irish lilt as Taira or Thera.

*Thera/Tara was the 5th plane - a much larger reality - and the lineage of this work to John the Baptist and those who he prpared the Way for, and the community which went eastwards at the Diaspora, is from Thera. They were Therapists.



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