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Background to 'religious conflicts' over the last 2,000 years. Intro to the Knowledge of the Christ Door.

There is much controversy about the biblical Jesus story,

and the establishment of the Roman Church. Some involved were good, others were dark. For example, it was the Pope (and/or the French king) who almost successfully wiped out the Knights Templar (forerunners of the Freemasons) sank their ships in Marseilles, and executed their leader, the Luciferian Jaques de Molay.

There is a contrived story yet the New Testament Gospels are extraordinarily in line with the teachings of the Living God Source - and therefore not anything a corrupt Roman Church would have wanted known. Therefore, those who won in forming the content of the New Testament were not the ones who were corrupt. There are also prayers and musical chords which survived, then were gradually removed as darker forces gained control.

There is also a reason other Books did not make it into the New Testament - much as darker sources would have liked them to be in it.

This work has an understanding that the person who was Jesus Christ is real, even though there were attempts to undermine that - including the massacres etc which led people and groups to flee Ancient Palestine after the crucifixion. Some of these escaped taking some of the teachings.

One source included Jesus Christ's appointed successor - because the connection to the Christ 'Door' was intended to survive and continue through the next generations. These ones went eastwards (from Palestine) and continued onward to the source of our own teachers.

Jesus does appear in some of the Islamic Teachings and is recognized as one of 5 significant Masters and is recognized as a significant 'messenger' and Master.

However, being a Master, spiritual teacher, 'messenger', or miracle worker, was not His mission.

Things like 'giving sight to the blind' may be a big deal to the person having the eyesight restored, but otherwise mean nothing! Jesus did more than that.

He returned something that had remained unseen for thousands of years.

Being a good, gentle person who gave a few good lectures about 'God's message', achieved some healing successes, and did a few miracles, is not good enough to qualify as anything particularly special. It just isn't.

If it was, there would not be all the questions and doubts, and wondering about it.

Jesus taught something that is the most important information in existence

in this reality, and that related to escaping from the 'Tomb' and returning to True God Source.

Spiritually the inner journey continues passed the first encounter with an 'other world' spirit realm of light, and continues onwards back into another void of darkness and through a 'wilderness'. Complete darkness, so how do you find it?

That is why eventually you need the inner 'Way Show-er' - which can only be the Christos because the Christ is the Christ Door. As we have done this, and encountered but moved passed the false 'other world', the information on that is not a 'belief'.

His mission was to show those who had enough inner development, how to ignore that first contact with 'light' and continue along a very dark no Light void which is broken and disconnected in the 3rd Eye - until eventually being shown the True Portal to the True 'Heaven'. Most get caught in the first sighting of light, a portal, and an 'other world' spirit realm.

Why do you think that the 'lesser light' - the 'false light' - is even mentioned, and warned about?!

Why else would people go into it, other than they didn't know?


The knowledge of the Christ Portal also dates back to the time before and just after the Fall (13,000 years ago), but access to the Way out of the dark controlled reality (and its 'invisible force') could only begin its reconnection 2,000 years ago.

This does make the special mission unusual and different from everything else.

This work also accepts that the person Jesus Christ - who was born on September 11th 3BC (because strict records have been kept for many millennia) - was born completely of the Living Energy of True Source.

This work however, does not find the role of the Virgin Mary to be accurate, but the higher than God status she was given, was the addition of the Roman Church. Also in other books and teachings because it is central to the reversed religion.

It is not really about male and female gods and goddesses, it is about the POSITIVE and the NEGATIVE-MAGNETIC which is the 'female'. The reversed realms place the magnetic realms as higher. A female person - placed higher than a POSITIVE God - exists throughout Luciferian teachings.


2,000 years ago when Jesus (by whatever name) was born,

the fallen Luciferian world had been in power since the times of Egypt stretching back nearly 11,000 years (of the current cycle, but the cycles have existed for longer than that.) Osiris/Sirius are other names for Lucifer, and are the Egyptian religion.

The Egyptians - of the land originllly known as Al Khemu - were the builders of an architecturally sophisticated world including the pyramids. The power source was known as Blue Sapphire (or Sopha meaning knowledge) with power apparently generated through some kind of pyramid technology available through the sciences of Alkhemy.

The powers of darkness ruled this planet throughout its fall, and in the New Testament both Egypt, and Alkhemy are considered 'darkness'. The Egyptian religion is the religion of the Freemasons and other connected societies and religions.


Ancient Legends and other sources discuss how Lucifer and his angels fell.

You do not need to 'believe' the story, but it does provide a picture to work with.

Records show a planet of physical density that was directly connected to 'Heaven' but not as the actual non-density '5th planet' - it was directly connected but at a lower level of vibration which had people with physical density bodies.

Some of those ones for unknown reasons, but as part of the development of an intellect that can remain True to God Source - found that they could, through science, discover how the planetary system worked. It seemed that if they could do this, they themselves via the intellect and mind, could become 'as God'.

They discovered an energy called the eitr (in ancient Nordic legends) and they realized it could be used to create technologies the same as this world has today. The eitr was also called the 'black poison' and ancient world chroniclers were distraught about it and what happened with it. They described a 'black hole' that was called the Destroyer.

The previous planet or part of it, was partly pulled into outer regions of this monster, and that is how this planet came to be. Currently, the planet pulls away from this force when it begins its Ascending Phase. But it is still caught in the force and this has caused the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - souls cannot get out of it - unless they discover what the power of the Christ really is.

Most do not, they go to the first 'other world' spirit realm encountered from the 3rd Eye - so they keep returning to this world.

The Eternal God Source warned the Luciferian angels that the black eitr energy was the 'Forbidden Energy' but they ignored that and disobeyed - and were 'cast out of heaven' - because of, and by using that energy. They caused it themselves. *This is covered on the 'Living Source' page, link below.


The planet's alignment moved during that Fall (the descending phase of the cycle).

This is important even though we have shown consistently that the planet had literally moved away from its Original Alignment - meaning that the passage/tunnel/Door and Portal out of this reality - including at death - changed.

All of this reality is perceived and interpreted via consciousness in the 'cave'.

The 'cave' is where the consciousness experiences this reality and beyond, or other 'other world' realities.

It is also described as the Tomb.

Therefore, if in that change of alignment another, different Door became the opening into a 'spiritual realm', and the realms a soul went to after death, it became the wrong Door into the wrong spiritual reality.


Jesus Christ restored the Way to locate the True 'Door'.

It can certainly be inferred that after many millennia since Genesis, even the best of lineages had lost their way. If they did not know about this change, how could they know what they encountered was not the direct highway to God Source?

But there were others who had quietly kept the knowledge of True Source because John the Baptist prepared the Way for the Christ to fulfill His mission.

John the Baptist belonged to a group of Healers (Essaiahs - Assayas, which means Healers) but not any apron wearing Essenes or apron wearing anything. The apron wearing identifies reversed teachings.


The most important Teaching was symbolised by the Resurrection from the Tomb.

The Tomb is the same as the cave.

The cave is the same as the cave taught by Plato where people are watching the shadows instead of the True Light and taking the shadows for real.

The cave is the 3rd Eye, the pituitary or 6th chakra.

The alignment of the Door into and out of the cave/tomb has changed with the fall of the planet, eventually lining up with a different entry/exit 'door'.

Jesus Christ showed the correct Door out of the cave/tomb. In that Way he showed how to overcome the death of being trapped in this reality and its afterlife. As this work has said since the beginning, the problem is that people exit through the wrong Door/Portal at death and in out of body journeying, astral travel, and with spiritual experiences straight onto the path of Osiris.

Everyone is automatically facing the wrong 'Door' and the wrong 'screen'.

Jesus Christ was born to return the Living Energy and how to get out of this situation, in preparation for this time now.

He began to establish the cords between this world and True Source and this was passed onwards so that many more such cords have been established over the last 2,000 years - such as the difficulties we also experienced in working through negative energies.

It is extremely hard to work against the dark force of the 'invisible force', that is why it is so difficult for people to turn from the wrong 'Door'.

It means the first 'other world' obviously spiritual realm is actually the lower/false energy stream which has to be ignored.

There has to be a specific adjustment made - within the area called 'the cave' - to be able to access the Christ Door/Portal. That is actively achieved via the inner connection to the Living Source (only given before 2011, but still given at the discretion of the 'Way Shower').

Those who truly follow the Living God's Guidelines are not the same as those who are either asleep or follow the lower way of living.


Jesus Christ brought the Way to return to True Source, the Way out

of the 'maze' of which there is only one actual false path.

The existence of a False Door or Portal does open to a 'spiritual realm' and it is the first such non-physical 'other world' realm that is accessed from the 3rd Eye.

Going through this door and integrating further than just the death experience, is the mistake religions made.

The work/mission of Jesus Christ was not about 'oneness', spiritual activations, or Love (which has different interpretations of what that is, which can be misleading).


The mission was about the Lost Path and Lost Door out of this falsely accessed reality.

That false 'door' is also how lower realm entities and demons get into this reality.

There is no other source of this knowledge but through the work of Jesus Christ. It was only Jesus Christ who rose out of the tomb and ascended to Eternal Life.

The alignment towards the wrong door does change back to the original alignment when the planet is in the Ascending Phase. The mission of Jesus Christ was to show the Way to the missing, yet correct Door.

The Luciferian religion has done everything it can to mock, make fun of, and discredit Jesus Christ.



The Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

Christ Teaching The all important missing piece of knowledge.

Living by the 'Golden Rule' - Guidelines

The Third Eye Problem

Connecting to the Ascended Cords via the Christ.

Dead Source.



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"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

The 5th REALM is not '5D'.

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..


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