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The Luciferian Religion -

what they believe.


The Luciferian Religion story.

The satanic religion is about Lucifer, who falls to the earth from the starry heaven above.

It is something in the DNA of that seeding that makes them obsessive about nature, the earth, the soil etc. You can even hear it from long ago Rothschilds. William and Kate's wedding was a Druid based, pagan, nature ceremony, for fertitlity etc. You will see people not knowingly connected to the cult orders, who are now still teaching this. While we all love and care for the planet, this obsession is something else.

This physical planet is made from the fallen Lucifer - it is one of the 14 pieces of Osiris the fallen light bearer, and is part of the planet/star which disintegrated and landed here on what was once part of a higher realm. It was a higher more etheric level (ethera - a name which you may recognize!)

Now it has physical density which integrated with the higher level to form this reality. This would be the elusive substance (Higgs Bosun) which gave an ethera level its physical mass - but it is not the 'god particle'.


Lucifer was a star angel which Fell to this planet - therefore they think they are higher and this level is lower.

In reality this was a much higher realm which was temporarily displaced and the lower matter integrated here. The satanists do want to take this planet through a black hole and back to their lost star Osiris - the Osiris Path. NASA has been investigating space ice debris from that disintegrated planet which they believe did form the density level of the earth. And, NASA is cabal.


The Luciferian religion

expects a significant cosmic burst of (negative) energy - from a Cosmic Solar ZMinumum which means negative charge - to reach here in 2024 which would lead to a new cosmic reset age, along with food shortages and a reduced population and a cosmic reset. This appears to be what 'they' were preparing for. Human sacrifice is part of their satanic rituals to help save the earth (not the people!) Had the planet continued on the satanic Osiris Path and its Reset that burst would have reached here. That cosmic burst will now bypass the now Ascending Earth.

1.30 secs.   Osiris Phallus.

Lucifer's Fall from the star-heaven, is a straight dive which is also shown symbolically.

This appears again falling straight, from the 9/11 Twin Towers, and is shown in images of Superman and a host of others, all symbolic of satan's nose dive. Lucifer, the fallen angel, believed that he could create reality in the same way as God could; that he was equal to God and was God. He could prove this by destroying all that was God's work and then do his own unlimited versions.


Hollywood, Celebrities, the Music Industry, and Symbolism.

It is apparent that all those who want success in the movie and music industry are schooled in the story of Lucifer - which is seen as the 'true light' - and after learning these things, the celebrities believe in it.

You can see the Luciferian symbolism in many presentations from the music industry, including from Lady Gaga and from Billie Eilish in her song 'All the Good Girls Go to Hell' - almost all her songs are symbolic of the Luciferian story.

A figure was shown in a photo falling straight - Lucifer style - from the 9/11 Twin Towers event.

There are many music indusrty shows which are about Lucifer, this is an example to consider.

11 mins. Lady Gaga, with 'panda eyes' (child abuse) plays "Lucifer" at Super Bowl 2017 commentary.

The show - 13 mins.

* No one is saying it is not entertaining and exciting - but it is the subliminal message and symbolism that is being hi-lighted. As with the Madonna cursing the audience to die and not make it into the future world, the audience is mesmerised and adoring - and that is the goal.



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