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LUCIFER is a mighty and beautiful angel of LIGHT.

He is the 'light bringer'

- only it is the wrong light!

But no-one can see that at first. He is the 3 pronged god of the 'trident' held by the Roman god Neptune.

He is nature and life on this earth - that is why early facets of satanism are the Druid and pagan religions of Gaia.

He is also known as Lord Maitreya who the 'cue' source has said was the intended Master for this Planet in the new age who surrendered and left the planet. Maitreya was the expected new god to replace the Christ as famously taught by new age guru/teacher an American named David Spangler of Findhorn which was a Rosicrucian project under Peter and Eileen Caddy and a Canadian woman named Dorothy Maclean.

Mostly no-one comes to the Path of Osiris knowing it is Lucifer - except those who were born into the 'Cain' lineages.

It is light and love and cute little fairies and goblins.

It teaches some EXTRA things to do that are not of the God Source Path mostly known under the name of Christos. The logic for that is that they are new aspects of spirituality that were not taught before, or were deliberately hidden from you.

It is the extra things that people argue for and want, deeming that anyone who says it is not the same is actually some kind of religious bigot.

It is not all the same god that is accessed by religions or by 'being spiritual'. If it was, then how is it that people end up on the Osiris Path when they were never anything to do with the obvious satanic versions of it?

Now, as in previous phases of this repeating cycle, very significant numbers of people HAVE created energy ties into that 2nd energy stream and even though it is soon to be replaced by this planet's change to its Ascending Phase - all these people have to return to that other path because they have already established the ties.

You Get Another Chance to ESCAPE THE 'WHEEL OF REBIRTH' -

when this planet descends to the lower 'other realm' spiritual realm again, so you can disengage from the energy ties you made. Some of thee will have been spiritual energy ties. The return into those energies you connected to, happens as the 2nd energy stream from CAIN starts to become powerful again.


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