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Royal Blood

Royal blood looks like the image on the left.

Even though the 'bloodline families' have this blood - and are now the controlling cabals with satanic practices - they were indeed fallen beings from God Source. Their blood is damaged - they are called blue bloods and their blood is copper based - but it does not mean that the original Christos aligned blood did not once look similar to this.

The Christos Door alignment does bring in aspects of the True Living God Source into the bloodstream - but it is not achieved by making it copper which will poison anyone if they try that.

The iron based blood of most of mankind is not anything special under a microscope. It does not have any 'royal' attributes. In some cases, it may have aspects which identify those who are lining up in their masses to be injected with the experimental mRNA shot including the many who are educated by memory-learning but did not have the sense to do the research - or accepted what they were told blindly.

For those who belong to the Higher Realms then the objective is to add the 'mysterious substance' into the blood, and this can ONLY come by aligning to the Christ Door where that substance can then enter into the body. The Christ Door, not the Astral Door in the 3rd Eye.

The Holy Path that brings SOUL FREEDOM is about finding the Christ Door.

This was the mission of the very real individual who did come to this world 2,000 years ago. Some will find the Way Out of this illusionery reality - and its spirit world - and many will of course still be here as the planet moves into its 'Ascending Phase' which does not necessarily mean it is an achievement.

There are certain things a living soul must keep to, to even begin being shown how to achieve SOUL FREEDOM. It should be very clear that once the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - which is in all other ways a wonderful thing - does not mean the living souls here in this world or its many realms and so on, have achieved some kind of evolution. The reason it is so hard to escape being caught here is because of certain provable facts about this planet, some alterations in the 3rd Eye, and something else.

It is the development of science which led to this planet falling into the Magnetic Realms

(the beginning entry into those realms). The Fall describes the journey from positive into the negative, magnetic force.

The mission of Jesus Christ was to reverse that Fall and enable the planet to Ascend.

That Fall is part of a very real project some in an ancient version of this planet wanted to achieve through their science. That objective was to make the Antarctica region or 'South Pole' become the North Pole - and there are ancient maps do show magnetic north pointing to Antarctica.

It could be speculated that Antarctica is in fact, not the South Pole or magnetic pole because that pole actually lies beneath the flat plane that is Earth, and that mistake by once higher beings, is what caused them to Fall into the magnetic realms (and began to create the magnetosphere around the earth.)

The first phase of this was the Fall of this planet to its current alignment with the Polaris Pole Star (the lodestar/magnetic/hematite) in the skies seen from the Northern hemisphere. It also led to the Genesis seeding.

This may be what began the iron (haemo) content in the blood which altered its once 'royal' status. Hematite, also spelled as haematite, is a common iron oxide compound with the formula, Fe₂O₃. 

Magnetite - used in magnetic nano particles : One alternative video info source noted and commented on the formula for magnetite being cov fe fe. (Ref: 'Amazing Polly' and she also showed the Trump tweet about 'who can figure out the real meaning of covfefe?' : video on the pyramid.cone link added below.)

* There was a genetic upgrade of an animal which is considered a seeding that was 'illegitimate' and clearly did not have any 'royal blood' - meaning a different structure. These ones bred prolifically and the satanic realms did encourage mixed breeding into a lower version of mankind (because humans became part bred with an animal). The Nephilim did breed with the Adam and Eve progeny in the Garden. This did change the blood.

In recent decades the satanic sources made it possible for certain not very evolved types of people to gain power and wealth through jobs which do not take intelligence or a developed consciousness - like sports, pop music, film acting, and modelling etc - because ignorant or otherwise, those who become celebrities do influence human behaviour and have achieved - been given - their celebrity status by the secret societies for that exact purpose - to degrade humanity. (Really, ask yourself, should these ones have great wealth or be billionaires and able to influence, or even take over the world?)

Those who do not have the blood of the bloodline families, or do not have the Christed Blood by connecting to the Christ Door (as taught in the Bible and given in guidelines here) can be targeted by the mRNA vaccination for depopulation.


The first stage of establishing the 'new kingdom' was altering the alignment of the planet.

The second stage of being pulled into the reversed realms was when this planet stopped for 3 days and began to rotate in the reverse direction.

The third phase was to be the introduction of the 'new kingdom' and new age (which was represented - and taught - as being the meaning of ascension, but is not the actual meaning.) That was the intended pulling of this planet fully into the Astral Universe and the magnetic, reversed polarity.

Accessing the power force - calculated by the ancient ones - to make this happen, coincides with the Earth's current crossing of the force field of a nearly black hole, which would magnetically pull on a now magnetically imbalanced planet. That Earth is crossing this force was a deliberately caused.

(This work believes that in ancient times, as a developed world where the science believed it could create as God created, those who did this, found they had accidentally begun to pull themselves into the magnetic force of a 'black hole' - being a consiousness which did not remain aligned to the Eternal Source of True God :-

An Ancient World People who Destroyed Their Own DNA.

It is said by wise voices, including Shakespeare, that this world is a play. A re-enactmnent. Could it be that an ancient, developed version of this world, did indeed kill their DNA and the human race, by injecting nano particals, graphene and other toxic materials directly into the bloodstream? And the ones who made the scientific decision to do this, became part AI non-human cyborgs - with their brains linked into a computer - and also aligned themselves into the consciousness of a 'black hole'. Thereafter they began trying to regain their biology and restore their damaged bloodstream? )



The role of the Christ came after the rotational reversal

and the mission has been to correct it - which enables the planet to Ascend (out of the tomb).

The Christ pathway is from a stronger force that is the positive polarity Higher Power - which counteracts the negative/magnetic force. It should be clear how important it is for each individual to to do the same. Christ actually taught how to connect to this, most impotrantly by not being mislead into connecting with the false source.

Soul Freedom from the Magnetic 'Tomb'.

It is a possibility that the Magnetosphere which formed around this planet holds the Akashic Records (memories) and this has been covered by this work.

As intelligence developed this was harnessed to create the magnetic data records and became the first repeating 'story' as well as being the energy for the first supercomputers and AI.

It also placed the Earth in the 'tomb' that is encased by the magnetosphere.

There are records which say the Earth stopped rotating for 3 days then began to rotate the opposite way - the current left to right. This is indicative of aligning into the negative, magnetic.

As the planet pulls out of this and 'ascends' at some point the planet is expected to again stop for 3 days then pull out of the 'tomb' and return to a right-left rotation.

Christ's work was to free Earth from the 'tomb' and also free humans who choose to become part of the 'body' of Christ and True God Source, become free of their 'tomb'.


This work, as already mentioned, originated from the community which included John the Baptist

who prepared the way for the Christ, communities known as Therapeutae and Assaya meaning therapists and healers. Their scrolls did find their way into the collections of a large sect known as Essene who were, it turned out, not the same community.

The Assaya-Healers-Therapists went eastwards at the time of the Diaspora a few decades after Christ's crucifixion, east, then south. They were not formed by the books used to create the Roman Catholic Church, neither were the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches (Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox etc). But they did have many of the same Books which were used to form the Bible's New Testament.

Althouth there is additional information available from the lineage of this source, this work keeps to the KNOWN and recognised guidelines of the traditional Christian systems. It does not add extra things for which the authenticity cannot be verified. The reason for that is that any fake or Luciferian source can claim to be returning 'lost information' and 'practices' or inner experiences claimed to have 'once been part of what the Christ taught' - and that is exactly what is happening!


* The Christ Guidelines for the Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

* The Magnetic Pyramid Cone that was placed in the Master Gland Complex millennia ago?

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"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the Upper Realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..






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