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We do our best to describe another path, one that is missed

because there is another realm access that comes online first. This is actually OBVIOUS even if for the simple reason that this planet is a separate fallen reality which exists at an angle to True Source and the fall is the reason the satanic energies and witched etc have been able to get in here. They could not possibly be entering here from True Source! It is a second 'portal' but because it is the first one to be accessed, it is assumed to be the spiritual portal to True Source.

This work is mostly providing the information for people to investigate.

This work also does give the Guidelines and explains why to keep away from certain practices, but the choice to do so is up to you. Often we receive questions which help us provide better information.

Firstly, what we have done is provide knowledge of a very real, missing, hidden Way Out of this false reality.

After that, it is up to you to find out, or discover, why. It is your decision. In presenting this information, this work has suggested you keep to the Guidelines. You are not wandering aimlessly in darkness - although it is a dark void - and are not lost, if you are following the Guidelines. It is known.

Eventually when things are as they should be for you, so long as you have not wandered off onto other paths, you will encounter the Way Show-er and make the connection.

You may feel you do live your life keeping to the Guidelines, but the Guidelines are not to do certain practices. Not doing those things are part of the Guidelines.

Actually, some spiritual practices are okay so long as you are not using names or sounds which belong to the false 'door'. Doing that qualifies as not keeping to the Guidelines. This work provides the Guidelines and it is up to you to decide whether you do.

With other 'spiritual practices' being added into the mix, then with names and sounds used in 'meditation', it may be difficult for you to discover what they belong to.

Some other practices clearly align to the Polaris/Sirius alignment and they usually say that is what they are. With that knowledge it is up to the recipient of that information to do their own fact checking on what that is.

Of course we do provide those details because we are providing the information on a missed portal out of this False Reality, but as with all things, it is best to do your own research. The Freemasons honour Sirius and Osiris etc as an example. 

In reality, we are providing the missing information - for you to research for yourself - but we do make it clear that if you follow the Guidelines and Protocols then you will eventually encounter the Way Show-er and make a connection.

When we receive questions we learn how wording can be interpreted in a number of ways, and thereafter try to correct any ambiguity. This process has so far taken around 20 years! For example, some people interpret that 'expanded DNA' means a person can do certain things like communicate with other beings - whether space beings or spirit beings - or fly, or walk on water, essentially do things which go against the usual laws of physics so they appear to be magical. Some of these are the reasons people took the false path in the first place.

These things belong to the laws of THIS reality, which is the False Reality, yet is a universe made up of a dark substance known as 'space' that follows certain laws of physics that are part of the magnetic reversal of frequencies that brought this world into existence. It includes the Astral Realm - which means star realm.

This appears to tell us that the stars in space are actually also part of the 'False Creation' and they may have have happened with the explosion which saw part of a much larger world break away from its original status. Atoms and molecules of another realm now in minuture and hanging in the 'dark fabric' substance that is called 'space'?

Thereafter, people from that original status Fell - some called 'Fallen Angels'. The explosion saw everything happen in an instant, but as consciousness within that event, the experience of it is in a stretched out Time - probably about 14 billion years.

There was also a creation of people in this false reversed mirror image world - the race of mankind as created in Genesis about 6,000 years into the Fall. This can refer to any other previous cycle but at the 6,000 mark in of that descending journey. The Light source came from 'Isis'. This is the path they are always going to gravitate towards.

Now there is a question. Do the intelligent, consciousness people who were created with the False Light (born in 'sin' means born of the 'left') return to their binary star source of Light which includes the dead star and death?

Or do these ones deserve a chance to evolve to the True God Realms of the Eternal Life Source?

We have not said

that in the after-death state, you are presented with '2 choices, one on the left and one on the right'. That on the left is the dark shadowy figures, demons, beckoning you to join them and on the right is the 'False Light'. It is far too late to make that choice after death anyway.

This work has described that at death you will go to the clear and obvious entry in front of you known as the 'spiritual realms'.  Not many would ever make a choice to go with the dark shadowy demons - but they will if they do not know that it is the same energy stream.

It is the portal to the Path of Left and Right. Both of these ARE the same singular 'false portal' and both are the 'left hand path'. That is the reason people take that route, not just those who are still talking of Love and 'collective consciousness', but also those who began with that then discovered the 'more secret' practices which led them to the other side of this same 'false energy system'.

As an example, it begins with the Light - Lucifer means bringer of Light - and because star markers are used, that can be defined as Sirius which is the brightest star in the night skies seen with the naked eye.

Yet it is part of a binary star system and its partner is the dead star Osiris - also once a bright star but one which went supernova. A binary code star system.

The 'left hand path' is a duality Light and Dark,

and it is accessed via the misalignment and voided space that exists within the 3rd Eye. It is the first Portal accessed on an inner journey. It is Light. Few people are going to go towards demons beckoning in the darkness, they will go to the Light - but this is still the False Light.

The void ripped in the 'fabric of space' as accessed in the 3rd Eye (aka Plato's cave) is obviously darkness. The first portal and eenrgy realm accessed is Light but it is ALSO dark. The darkness continues on the 'right side of God'. That's the spiritual journey that leads to the Christos Portal - and is the reason it is more difficult to find! The point is to find that Portal which is a far greater Light and is Eternal.

The Path of Light and Dark does end with death!

Oh yes it does. That is what that energy stream is - Life and Death.

This world is a fallen reality which follows that energy stream and if you become part of that energy and change into it, you are caught in that destiny. It is a fallen realm because sometimes a world produces a race of nutjobs who are perverted and animal-like, drink the blood of children and babies, eat fetuses, think that pedophilia is a life choice. That level of consciousness eventually follows that fallen energy stream - so there are questions about how they accessed this planet and were able to incarnate here.

Certainly you are going to leave the body at physical death and find there is an ongoing spirit self existence - which is reborn into future human bodies. When you die, you will go, still alive, to a 'spiritual realm'.

However, you are a long, long way from the origin point of that energy stream/realm. The point of origin is already dead. It would take millions of experiences in that spirit realm before you ever saw that its end point is already dead. When you die from this body, you will go, still alive, to the spirit realm of that energy stream - the first portal.

The 'fallen angels' were the first ones to experience that and discover everything was okay. They then went further along that path and began the other 'secret practices' which turned out to be OSIRIS - which is dead. It is a star which went supernova and died. They did the 'secret initiations' and became more and more twisted and distorted. This side of the duality is called the Anu's which is the Anus. It breaks up, or breaks down, Soul Templates - now on the path of toxic matter - to remove them from the living system.

Also, you are not faced with someone showing up as the 'Way Show-er' at the time of death,

leaving you wondering how to choose. At death it is too late to choose. You must establish this connection with the choices you make during your life. You cannot achieve soul freedom after death. being trapped within the brain is the prison! Certainly you leave that body and experience another realm of existence but you are still part of the same prison until you find the way out during your lifetime.


Your Soul Level Does Not Lose What it has Learned/Experienced, even if Your Memory Does.

It is generally understood that memories of a lifetime are usually wiped, but that does not mean they are actually lost and gone. A person is also altered by the energy frequencies or the vibes that person has established during the life. Most spiritual interpretations tend to agree that that sort of thing determines what each next life experience is going to be. 

The experiences and essence will have been established in your lifetime and as an example, if you kept to the Guidelines and Protocols and did not go wandering into the 'spiritual practices' mentioned not to do, then that is completely known by True God Source! You will never be actually lost - unless you choose to go on the false path.

A sheep or a cow, is part of a 'collective consciousness', as are certain flocks of birds often given as examples of going to help one of their groups who is stuck in some way.

People are not that level of 'group identity'. Each person has to grow into a completely functioning individual who has developed his/her own thoughts and level of understanding. This is another reason why some will stop and think before herding into and through the first Portal or the first signs of a spirit realm exisitence. Eventually, a fully evolved person will arrive at a level of Higher consciousness that is absolutely 'at One' with God Source - because that individual has learned from all that is NOT that God Source - like the false portal. Mankind was born of the false light, and does not automatically know what True God Light is.

The race of mankind has to learn to move away from the herd, stand alone, and take some chances on what resonates in the hearts, not sounds right to the Mind.


Guidelines and Protocols.

If you choose to follow the Guidelines and Protocols you are not left struggling in the wilderness of the dark void. Of course True God Source knows what you are doing, and at the right time you will find a way to connect to a Way Show-er. A Way Show-er will also provide the same Guidelines.

You are just not adding extra practices to the formula.

You can always contact us to ask questions, and very often these questions help us provide better pages on this website.



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