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The Christos Source


The current 'white hat' work to take out the satanic energies on this planet is a Christ Source work.

Finally, its obvious power has silenced all those other diversions but only for a brief while.

The Christ Source stands alone and separate from any other teaching that is not Christ Source.

On this planet people do not or cannot keep to the Christ Source Guidelines which in essence are as simple as the rules of the Common Law the world seeks to return to. The rules are to live by the Golden Rule and do not add on other teachings from other religions - because they are other religions.

The people of this planet cannot keep to that. There always has to be something else added on.

For example, there has to be an Earth Mother or Goddess, or Gaia, or there has to be another star source as Sirius is, there has to be some missing energy practices added on, etc.

People cannot keep to what they are supposed to keep to!

It is not possible to be what so many claim they are - a Freemason and a Christian. The Freemasons worship Sirius. That is immediately the end of any possibility of being Christian - because being Christian does not just mean you accept Jesus. You cannot be following the Christ Source but adding a few tweaks and practices from other religions and belief systems. As soon as you add something else, you have ceased to follow the Christos guidelines. There is nothing missing from what you need to do.

We do know and understand that there are way over the top 'Christian groups' and mind level interpretations, the Roman Church has been disgusting, and we personally find all the arm waving stuff offensive and hypocritcal. But these are not the clear stand alone Guidelines - live by the Golden Rule, keep to the 10 Commandments, and do not add practices or energy connections from other religions (or you have changed to those other religions).

There is a popular website at the moment which at times gives out a little intel - because everyone wants to know what is going on to override the Reset Agenda 21 - so it is easy to watch and listen to.

It is a site with little lightweight conversations with ordinary people which also claims to be Christian based - and it is about to 'reveal' the practices of another religion as being how to make it into 5D consciousness! There are probably many other websites doing this and creating their various courses for 'mastery' and so on, but this is the example.

These things are perspectives and practices from another, different religion. It is the religious dogma of a religion that is not that of the Christ Source. You can label is at "'spirituality' and 'spiritual' and therefore not religious" - but it is in fact religious. These ARE the thoughts and beliefs of a different religion. The belief 'don't listen to, look at, or say about something because 'that is negative thinking'" is a belief dogma from a different religion.

These are not independent ideas, beliefs and practices. They are part of different religions. Some of the thought interpretations given out are Marxist for example. Some of the practices taught are the Osiris Path!

Practices taught around activating the lower chakras and taking the energy to the 3rd eye and 'god', go right into where this fallen world has the break and where it changes direction into the current ruling Luciferian source - described as a brilliant, powerful, beautiful angel of light - but not quite as beautiful and powerful as actual True Source.

These practices and connections will disappear from this planet over the next millennia but will return when the planet is about halfway into its next Fall Phase. For about 6,000 years - like 6,000 years ago in our past up to current time - these religions and practices will start up again!

All you have to do is keep to the Christ Source.

For those who insist there has to be the 'Mother Earth' or another goddess, or star, or masters from those stars, then this remains a learning experience. Mostly these strong attachments come from people born into families who are the ruling elite groups even very low down, but the entire indoctrination through childhood is about the Earth and the environment the fairies and plant divas as it is throughout the Bohemian Grove, pagan, Druid etc which is part of their DNA and those stuck with this have to work through it, get passed it.

Those who insist other practices are what take your soul to 'god', and so on, are indoctrinated in those teachings - which are a religion.

There will be - we believe - brighter suns which shine onto this planet once it moves into its Ascending Positive Phase.



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