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and the Christos GUIDELINES.



A Christos Prayer to Align with True Source.

''I ask Our Father in heaven, the Source of the Living Life Streams of Eternal LIfe,

To surround , fill and protect me within the LIVING, HOLY and RIGHTEOUS Light.'

Back in the days of the Roman occupation of Jerusalem just over 2,000 years ago, there was a great deal of conflict between the True Law of God and those who worshipped the 'serpent' or the 2nd 'Tree' in the Garden and the second energy stream aka the Sirius energy stream.

The Roman Empire gathered many of the truly Holy scriptures of the True Law of the One God religion, which had already from long ago been called by its Greek name of Christos, and created the new Roman Christian religion, of which they then became the representatives, while they in fact were also the head of the serpent too! The people were not fooled by this and those of the True Law of the One God and Christos, broke away. They went to Turkey, Afghanistan, and so on where they taught in secret - they had to teach in secret or risk being murdered. Of importance is that amongst these ones there was a Living Master.

So some of the true Holy power prayers and Sound Streams - such as the Solfeggio Scale - etc did remain with the new Roman Church which systematically removed those as soon as they discovered the power, and also went with one of the groups which had abandoned and escaped from Roman Judaea. Some went to North Africa and some created the religion of Islam but it is not clear they had a Living Master when that was done. Some associated with the Essenes went to France supposedly with Mary Magdalene and they were not 'gentle vegetarians', but carried round, and drank from, the skulls of people who had been sacrificed and so on.

The teaching which survived and is the backbone of the operation known as what sounds like 'cue' came mainly from those who kept to the truth of the Catholic church - because obviously the Vatican was as serpent corrupte and black as it gets. The teachings and guidelines they have and that they have honored and kept to in their lives - high integrity people like General Flynn for example - are the same principles and guidelines which escaped Roman Judaea/Ancient Palestine with the Living Master - whoever that person may have been but this was a Teacher also called the Teacher of Righteousness.


There has been a battle between Light and Darkness

and much of the darkness has become accepted in the world, although the extent of just how dark evil is, has been a shock to many.

Waking up to just how close people came to being placed in death camps and so on, is still to be discovered by those who have been unbelievably asleep.

But it should also be remembered that what has been accepted as a 'spiritual' consciousness would not allow anyone to warn of the extent of the darkness - and there is something very wrong about a consciousness that actually allowed the darkness to continue and thrive. And it would be wrong, because it was a programme of Military Intelligence Mind Control and Behavioral Programming .......It was to create a 'social revolution' to make the satanic ways 'accepted' - which included altering education courses and a reason why today's world does not even know how to spell and does not know geography and so much more!


Unfortunately there are many versions of intelligent biological life

which have chosen to be something other than the True God Source Law. They have then taken the path into the dark realms which do lead to a Black Hole.

Intelligent biological lifeforms are given incredible numbers of chances to repent - but you can see that they don't. Many do of course, but far more just don't. When that really goes far too far, they become the Anu's who are sent to the anus of the Living Body to be recycled through a black hole.

There are stages of hell worlds on the way into the black hole. In those fallen and dark realms there are mind level tech advanced 'aliens' which exist, although they are not supposed to be in contact with this realm. Or maybe they are, because it is a way the current bio-lifeforms are tested. They are not superior beings and they are only in contact to help themselves not those they manage to contact. That is why not contacting them is one of the Christos Guidelines.

There are no 'good aliens'. You would perhaps understand, that higher up from where this realm is, is actually the part of the levels of True Source - not alien species. That level is TIMELESS because it is not caught in the damage that happened to this reality. Annyone who has come to this planet-plane to help this reality does not come back here.

Of course, at this time when the planet rises up from its fallen journey there are - have been - Upper Level people who have battled the immense Force that is the attraction onto the second energy stream (the path of duality). Without that work to override the very real power of the 'Invisible Force' there would not have been an Operation 'cue' that could have done what it has done.


Usually they stray off course initially because of :

1. The possibilities of what the Mind and Intellect can achieve -

and therefore because of that, they then believe they do not need God, and that because of the Mind, they are the same as God, or are God. This leads to a Marxist, atheist world view.

This is also a belief for those who find they can get a good life or attract a wealthy partner by some skill or asset they have. Many in this circumstance gain a sense of self-power enough to be unkind to others, and so on. Choosing to be unkind because you can, or because you are now more powerful etc is also a rejection of a belief in God.

2. They are run - and therefore controlled - by the senses.

This means anything that offers a 'do whatever you want' path (the paraphrased words of satanist Alisteir Crowly) which offers many options of sex, or it could be sensations achieved via drugs which includes those catagorized as a spiritual journey because the reason for doing it makes no difference, or strobe lighting, or something which raises emotions like a pop concert, or sports match etc. Many people think a 'spiritual 'experience' is about achieving a high. It also includes the power high, the money high, the 'beautiful person' high and all of these can make you feel you are 'better than others' which is also another form of high.

Same too with the ego of the person seen to be getting 'spiritual guidance' with the 'take a deep breath' and centre yourself within stuff. No doubt this is well meant but has happened because of the incorrect belief that this stuff denotes spiritual advancement. (Then these ordinary people teach people to raise the kundalini without a clue of where they are leading that person which then becomes a massive karmic debt for them. The reasons why the Christos path teaches not to do this are given in the Guidelines below.)

3. As these things are addictive, a person then needs more stimulus to get a high

which is when the initial things get a little more added to them. Eventually for example, it can lead to trying Adrenochrome but really it is everything that the steps of initiation into the 'secret cult' require. People are extremely easy to mind control so it would be a small orgy perhaps, something someone like actress Liz Hurley and a high percentage of your neighbours and work collegues would be involved with, believe is acceptable, and think nothing of it, then just a little more, and so on.

4. It is not true that 'no matter what you do there is always eternal life' which is the same consciousness as the satanic teachings that you can do whatever you want because you will always be okay.

That is also what those involved in carrying out child and ritual sacrifice murders believe. It is also the experience that seems to be in an OBE journey and at death, which always exits the body from the false exit point.

It is the spiritual error that is the problem of this existence which keeps people taking the second energy stream path ( Osiris/Sirius). The standards of the second energy stream are a lower level than actual soul level. This is a message we presented in absolute detail and yet the message was not understood. The second energy stream is always the Path of Death and ultimately is death and dissolution of the soul. The planet's current Ascension does not change the outcome of not getting out of that energy stream.


Only the Christ-Christos-Christic Guidelines - God's Law - is the Law.

There is no changing of God's Law because of the 'modern worldview of sex'. There is no 'modern view'.

There is no mistake that certain practices were somehow deliberately removed from the Christos Teachings and then in recent decades they came back but given through other sources. They are not part of the Guidelines because they are not the path of Eternal Life. They are part of the different energy stream.


So, the Christos Guidelines include :

Not to be involved in channelling and spirit contact.

Not to do certain energy practices taught in non-Christos based systems.

(Why? Because as explained the separation from God Source has happened between the 3rd Eye and the 7th chakra and the 3rd Eye aligns into the second energy stream - meaning every 'energy practice' takes you into the source of the second energy path.)

Do not do the energy activation practice of raising Kundalini as it travels via the 3rd Eye into the source of the incoming Cosmic Pulse-Beam (see link below.)

Do not kill or harm other. Always be kind and considerate.

Do not eat meat.

Do not take drugs and alcohol.

Carefully choose a partner for life by first learning about and establishing who they are and what their qualities and values are as a human being, then stay with that partner.



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