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The Christos.


The Serpent Bloodline. The Adam Bloodline.

The Christos Bloodline.




The video below is lengthy but very helpful for understanding the Therapeutae Living Source records. It begins easily with a background of the Pink Floyd track 'Us and Them' about the blue blood copper based bloodline of the serpent race - left hand path (left in Latin is the word sin) - whose crystalline structure may be the one the vaccines were intended to alter human blood into.

Also of interest is the name for the blue blood hemo-cyanin (cyan means blue) which refers to the serpent race and also the blue tinged skin, are also the cyanists which you know spelt differently - something this work covered long ago.

The blue-blood does have an ordered look to it, with 'crowns' but is not so efficient at transporting oxygen through the body.

The Elohim source created the serpent race of Cain - who it is believed, had blown up their own planet, and who are cannibals - they eat flesh and blood including that of humans.

The hemoglobin - iron based - is the bloodline of mankind.

Under a microscope it does not look as pretty as the blue blood but it is very closely similar to the magnesium molecule found in plants. It does transport oxygen efficiently.

The serpent race believe they created mankind and that may be correct because they upgraded a particular ape to be a slave worker to serve for them. The race in the Garden was from the ape, and is a 'false creation' because of that and as the genesis gene of Isis. They were given the spirit of True God to upgrade them, which made them partly the Christos bloodline, and partly the Adam bloodline. That is why True Source stepped in to save the 'race of Adam'.

The genetic amalgamation through the 'Eve' prototype that produced 'Cain and Abel' allowed the serpent race and the race of Adam to look very similar. This was followed by an Adamic lineage from Adam and Eve via Seth.

The Adam and Seth lineages belong with Earth - the fallen phase of this reality which is 'negative'. It is also the only level the serpent race can exist in other than lower levels than the Fall phase of Earth - such as where they are trying to pull the planet into. The Christos bloodline is Earth positive, or reversed upwards - and in a readable fashion that is Thera. Thera is the root of Therapeutae and that meant 'healers', wholesome, and holy.

The body that the soul (the Christos lineage) is within, is more complex than given in the video, and the SOUL still has to find the way out of the world of the flesh and return to the real reality. It is inhabiting a flesh body from a monkey which the serpent cult race of Lucifer did genetically manipulate into existence. Yet it is the Christos soul that inhabits that body and which needs to get free. Christos means 'annointed by God', it does not mean crystal and it is not the same meaning as Kristna or Krishna.

In the Christos teachings the blood and quality of the blood is very important, and highlighted in the sacraments.

No flesh body is the ideal, and the ideal diet NEVER ingests blood foods or meat because that is ingesting blood. The bible says to drain the blood which is a practice that is kosher and halal. They did this because they were 'travelling' - such as 40 years looking for the 'Promised Land' - and were unable to grow fruit and vegetables.

This informative video also shows that there are two bloodlines on this planet. The planet is caught by the 'invisible force' source of the Cain line which is why it continues to cycle. The cycle descends then Ascends, then repeats again and again.

There is a quote from Isaiah. Isaiah is also the word Assaya which means Healer which is Essaiah and the Assaya were the Therapeutae - therapist-healers.

This is in line with our understanding of the records of 'Living Source' Therapeutae teachings of the Path of Righteousness that follow on with the Golden Kingdom.

To build the iron in the blood take plant based green juices which are high in magnesium and build strong, healthy red blood.

This video is useful as far as the blood goes but is not correct that we ran out of time and the dark side won.

The cyanist side had control of the world, the media, and was successfully introducing the ideas and view of their side and people even now are still talking about 'spiritual concepts' that are actually Luciferian! When you read the chapters in the Golden Kingdon book, on the Hollywood and music stars were indoctrinated into the Luciferian religion. You will see from the video interviews that these people were not exactly bright, intelligent people and probably believe they had been shown the path to God.

The information on the blood blood serpents is very helpful. They of the 17th letter of the alphabet are ending the world - of the cabal and satanic cult - to introduce the Ascending version. The work that Trump has done has removed the serpents, so make what you like of the rest of this video. The 17th letter of the alphabet is the same as the dark god Osiris who is Lucifer etc, and it is being used for reversing the magic.

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The purist teachings which still exist within the Roman Church are the Benedictines and the Franciscans - followers of St Francis of Assisi.


The Roman Church, 2000 years ago, took, and recreated, the Christos teachings which also went eastwards with the True Living Master.



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