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Antarctica and Greenland



According to our own sources, once the alignment of the planet corrects over the oncoming millennia, at least parts of the landmass of Antarctica should no longer be frozen.

The correction is what people are describing as 'ascension' which means the fallen 'left' side rises again - like 'Atlantis rises' again - and the planet returns to its original, intended status.

For this reason Greenland is also of interest, as it was once positioned further south, and is undestood to be the land that not only the Nordic people came from, but also the Celtic, the Welsh and others who have stories that the people arrived in ships from the Atlantic.

Although history insists the 'Europeans' came from the Indus area near India and fled during a war (and archeological digs in the region show evidence of nuclear activity) they most likely came across from Greenland. Or, 'an island/continent in the Atlantic' caught in a great flood. These are very likely to be the people that the satanists wish to eliminate from the gene pool. The people from the first lineage from Adam and Eve.

There are records of people arriving by ship on the coast of Ireland, Scotland and who later went to England as the real 'English' then to Wales.

They had Nordic looks of pale skin and clear blue or violet eyes, often white-blond hair, or chestnut, and were considered 'angels'. *This is also the actual definition of being English - Angel-ish, and nothing to do with having a British passport! These ancient people are the ones the dark side want to destroy knowledge of.

It should be noted that for more than a millennia Britain has been a mix of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and also French. The upper class term for mother 'mamma' (pronounced m' - mah) is from the French maman for example. Damsel is from mademoiselle.

At the time the Earth's outer axis was damaged 12,000 years ago, all information shows there was a sudden tilt.

Mammoths chewing on buttercups in Siberia were instantly frozen

with the buttercups still in gastric transit. Greenland in the Atlantic would also have been engulfed by water and frozen - and much of it today is still frozen - and also Antarctica.

Antarctica became a Nazi base and those well known names who are reported to have visited there should be noted - because it is not a good thing.

The planet is changing its position because the fallen 'left' side now corrects with its 'right ascension'. As an example, that means that over time, Alaska moves to its correct location as True North (which will also be Magnetic North at that time) and the massive island continent of Greenland will then move further south - move because of the planet's adjustment, not because land is moving. It will become a very habitable island in the future, but other places on Earth will not remain habitable. Also some EU countries and the UK appear to be more south, as will be Siberia - where the ancient culture of Tartaria was.

The landmass of Antarctica will be in a different position too, and like Greenland, will no doubt be very habitable. The planet's natural Ascension - correction of its fall - ensures that the 'good side' wins. 'Climate Change' is the planet's Ascension Phase. *Greenland is an important island - inhabited before the Fall 12,000 years ago and before that - and connected to Norse (Scandinavian) legends, and from our records.

"Greenland is the world's largest island, located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Greenland is an autonomous territory within the Danish Realm. Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe for more than a millennium, beginning in 986. In addition, Viking settlements have been uncovered in Canada's Newfoundland."


Huge numbers of 'earthquakes' happening in Antarctica.

'Why is Antarctica shaking like crazy? More than 50,000 earthquakes' - active in September 2021. A major M6.0 as well as thousands of other small quakes were all detected in the Bransfield Strait - the red writing on map on the right. 'Old' entrance to the underground Nazi Base (Nazi-cabal after WW2) is red feature on map on the left. This is an inhabited continent even since before the ice cap, but now under the ice. Nazi-Khazarian Hidden Bases, link below.


44 mins. The correct pronunciation for the battleship Graf Spee is Graf Spay.

Includes Greenland's Camp Century base.



NEW - 48 mins. WORLDS BEYOND THE POLES (PARADISE BEYOND ANTARCTICA). Film of Admiral Byrd's actual expedition. Obviously the most interesting part is the discovery of warm lakes and land hidden deep within Antarctica - filmed (at 22) - but the film maker doesn't seem to know that! This shows Byrd did find what he said.


- Antarctica and 'Sky Ice'.

12 mins. and SKY BLUE STONES - PIECES OF THE FIRMAMENT? (Some diferences to the info above.) 10 mins.

*This stuff may relate to the 'false reality' that is part of the 'stuff that dreams are made on' that is also part of the digital reality this version of the planet-reality is (which exists at an angle to the True Reality.) In the newly discovered landscape - made by accessing the energy of the reverse field - the physical bodies we have today were first made from 'stone' - sky stone. That information is recorded in Greek mythology. This reality appears to be real because we have senses to experience it, including the experience of mass which is the Higgs Boson. "The Higgs boson is the fundamental particle associated with the Higgs field, a field that gives mass to other fundamental particles....."


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Section on the 'Ancient World Run on Water' Tartaria : Nazi-Khazarian Advanced Tech Craft and Hidden Bases
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'Therapeutae' - a timeless, natural, plant based health system practised by 'healers' and 'therapists'.

It is the Greek name for the later named 'Essene' bases in Egypt before they went to Palestine. Egypt at that time, was occupied by Greece, and even the languages spoken in the 'Holy Land' 2000 years ago, included Greek and a slang mix version known as Koine. "Koine Greek, also known as Alexandrian dialect, common Attic, Hellenistic or Biblical Greek, was the common supra-regional form of Greek."


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