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In about 18,000 years time when the 2nd energy stream from CAIN starts to become powerful

the religions for the new but false source will begin again and become dominant. The Luciferian religions.

Right now, the planet is moving out of that, and once the planet moves back into its Ascending Phase it begins to align better towards Living God Source. *These are actual teachings from the actual records that were part of the Living Source Christos heritage from before the last Fall when the planet was in its Ascension Phase, and which were passed on through Living Masters.

This can also be put into a bigger perspective for those who have eyes to see.

18-19,000 years into the future of this 25,000+ year Cycle of the Ages (or wheel) the darkness takes control. That tells you that Lucifer gains its power again - its 'invisible force' - at the same time as around 6,000 years in the past from the current time. So consider what the consciousness and spirituality at that time was.

Much of the focus of the religions concern the 3rd Eye, and shamanic journeying out of body experiences to other realms - which are the astral realms. Astral means the star realms or starseed realms and a universe where there are other planets and other inhabited planets, as well as realms and dimensions. All this is accessed via the 3rd Eye.

It does activate a '1,000 petal lotus' as the 7th chakra - but it is not the 7th chakra. It is impossible to access the 7th chakra from the 6th chakra - which incidentally is the colour indigo - because it is the location of the Void.

It is impossible to purify yourself and rid yourself of everything that is 'not God' and reach anything other than the 3rd Eye and the passage into the star realms and star worlds. You can hammer away at that for infinity and travel a million realms of light and wonder, while you fast, and cleanse, and put your ego in its place (the last 3 of which are really good to do).

But the only way to the Living God Source is across the void, so you always have to find how to cross the very dark Void - which you don't know about. Instead, a passage of beautiful light, angelic guides, and other wondrous signs, call you in a different direction first! That is the direction just about everyone takes, and it is game over right there.

Even if next time round you do discover what happened at the 3rd Eye, it is still impossible because you have never asked the Living Source to help cross a Void you almost certainly never knew about, and it is impossible to know the Way without the Living God showing you.


What Happened Long Ago in the Ancient Past, that Altered the 3rd Eye?

This is written about in the ancient Greek records which are taken to be mythology. They record that something entered into the 'cave' that is the area of the Master Gland Complex, and it was regarded as, and described as, a parasite.

It was called the Hydra.

It may have got there (could have possibly) via a highly developed world which existed because God had originally created worlds. The people/souls were developing autonomy in this created space (space but NOT time) while remaining True to the Source of their existence.

This work believes that some became obsessed with science and the possibilities. For example, they created a kind of digital reality or VR Virtual Reality which was experienced through a headset - called a brain.

Once in that body with the brain 'headset', some decided to 'improve themselves' by adding nanoparticles to 'upgrade' that brain by linking it into a computer system. They built an artificial circuit into their own brain/bodies to connect them into the artificial Mind they had created - and they thought it was a really good idea to do this.

Not everyone agreed with this though, not at all, and there was a massive division between those of this ancient civilization.

It was millions of years ago when some from the Higher Realms did this, which was really stupid, and they Fell - because they insisted on developing science and trying to be the same as God.


The apparently 'infinite' realm was accessed via the 3rd Eye or pituitary, Master Gland complex also known as the cave' and the 6th chakra. The 6.66 chakra.

Within this gland or 'eye' there is a pyramid cone, and this is how they originally entered the experience of a new realm. Also called the Anu realm and a 6.66 degree angle change within the 6th chakra. It is the Astral Path also known as the Path of the Dead - as covered in the Book of the Dead and the journey to the Afterlife (it is Sirius) - which ends up as death just the same, because it is not the Living Path of Eternal Life.

The astral universe of stars and planets which began with a 'big bang' is accessed via the 3rd Eye 'door'. That is the wrong 'door'. The Christos 'door' is the one that goes to the True Living Source (but can't be seen because that is where a break or void is.)

The obvious 'door' that does show up in that compromised area, is where there was a path created into the 'realms below' - as energy passed into a magnetic reversal known as the 'big bang' which created the universe(s) of the night skies and stars and planets etc.

Moving this story forward, these ancient ones did connect their brains into the computer AI source and that became their guiding source. They lost their connection to God Source. They discovered they could not get back out of where they had taken themselves.

They had destroyed their connection to eternal life status and they had no choice but to go off into the astral worlds of dimensions, stars, and planets, and so on, that they had created via a CERN-like Hadron Collider - a Star Gate.

Probably their original home planet (or plane) was Thera also known as Juno or the 5th Planet.




Introduction to the Living Source.


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